September 28, 2017

A Swimmingly Smashing September!

We've had a smashing September with lots happening here in the Aquarium!


Focus Day

We kicked off the month with our bi-annual Focus Day, where we get together to find out what we've all been up to, and come up with our plan for the next 6 months.  This time, we focused on GDPR and it was great to see how close Firefish is to giving you all the tools you need for compliance, while identifying the final bits and pieces we need to get in place.  We've got lots of fintastic features in development to keep you right, and they'll be out in plenty of time for the GDPR start date in May 2018. 


But how do Fish unwind after a day of strategizing?  They jump in a canal, of course!  Check out our Focus Day video to see what we got up to (and admire us in our wetsuits!): 



Who's Swimming To Success?

We love seeing our Fish do well, so September has been a particularly special month for us.  We're delighted that two of our shoal have been promoted in recognition of their hard work.  


Cameron McLennan and Ross Turpie of Firefish Software

First up, Cameron has been promoted to Head of SME Business Growth.  Cameron is very well respected in the recruitment market, and not just for his ability to find the best Firefish solutions for prospective clients.   Having identified an opportunity to increase leads through the creation of new channels, Cameron's hard work and support means the Firefish Crowdcast has quickly become a must-see for recruiters.  Always hugely supportive of his colleagues, he has done a fantastic job of aligning the sales team and getting new Fish in his team up and running quickly, but without compromising on quality and service levels. This promotion not only recognises these achievements, but also the growth that he'll now be driving within the 1-15 man agency market. 


If you've ever had a question about Firefish - or recruitment in general - chances are you'll have spoken with Ross at some point. Ross has always been an unflappable, service-driven superstar, however since the Happiness team restructured earlier this year he has done an exceptional job in taking the lead in Support, where he has been looking at product improvements and providing immense assistance not just to our clients but to his colleagues, too.  We're delighted to recognise his hard work and dedication by promoting Ross to the position of Chief Problem Solver. 


Well done Cammy and Ross on your extremely well deserved promotions! 


Alec Harley, Jon Gibson, Stewart Pollock, Joanne Causer, Firefish Software

We had a wave of new starts back in June, and what a great bunch they are!  A big hi-five to Alec, Colin, Jon, Stewart and Joanne who have all passed their probation this month, and are now fully-fledged Fish.  


Katie Paterson, Content Editor-in-Chief, Firefish Software


We're delighted that such talented people want to join Firefish, and on that note we're thrilled to welcome Katie to the Growth team, as Content Editor-in-Chief.  Katie has a brilliant background in managing web content and building results-driven digital campaigns for organisations in the UK and Holland, but is now back home in Glasgow and looking forward to driving our content forward.  Welcome to the team, Katie!


But we're not quite packed to the gills yet!  We're on the look-out for a Junior Front-End UI/UX Developer and a Software Engineer to join us right now, and we'll have a couple more oppor-tuna-ties before the year's out, so keep an eye on our Jobs page if you'd like to #swimwiththebest



Happy Birthday!

Our September babies came from Happinessland - Client Success Champion, Paul, and Queen of Success, Louise, were both celebrating.   If ever we were in any doubt about Louise's feelings on being sung at, these photos may clear it up...!


Louise Cunningham, Firefish Software


National Cupcake Week

As lovers of all things cakey, we couldn't let this one go unmarked!  The post-summer diets went out the window as we raised our cupcakes in a toast to whoever's great idea it was to dedicate an entire week to these sweet treats.  Here's a tip, though: if you're trying to claim that you've been good and not indulged, don't eat a cupcake that's covered in lashings of red icing - your hands, face and teeth will tell the truth! 


National Cupcake Week, Firefish Software


Phew!  It's certainly been a  speedy - but smashing - September.  We'll be back next month with a round-up of what's looking likely to be an awesome October but in the meantime, keep swimming!