Joanne Causer

Predictive Recruitment Specialist

Glasgow-born and bred, Joanne is a Predictive Recruitment Specialist in our Growth team.  She was once in the TA, so she’s already great at tackling challenges!

We like cheery Fish in the Aquarium, what songs can we expect to hear you singing?

I will sing along to anything & even mumble my way through songs I don’t know!

Why do you #lovethefish? 

I love building a great career within an industry I love but not needing to sacrifice on seeing family & enjoying life at the same time – the work life balance is fantastic!

That’s what we like to hear! So what are you doing when you’re not in the Aquarium?

Travel or exercise as often as I can or curl up on the couch binging on my favourite TV shows and movies.

We’re big fans of a cosy night on the couch – what are you watching?

I'd be continuing with my growing list of shows - Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Blind-Spot, Vikings - whilst working my way through a family pack of crisps...after consuming a full pizza. 

You know how to relax! You’ve been a really hard-working Fish, where are you jetting off to on holiday? 

I have family stateside, so when I’m not jetting off on a beach holiday I like to visit as often as I can.