Alec Harley

Scrum Master

Keen to learn more about Alec from our Beta Bunch? He's in charge of continually improving our product and designing the processes that will make it all smooth sailing (or swimming!)

So when you're not in the Aquarium, what are you up to?

I'm an avid gamer, so much of my spare time is taken up playing various PC games.

We love some tech-based fun too. If you're having a night in, what's the plans? 

I keep it simple - Game of Thrones on the TV and get a pizza ordered!

You're definitely our kind of fish! If we could, we'd give you a superpower.  What would you pick?

I think it would have to be teleportation, as I hate the M8.

Dream big Alec! If you were going to teleport further, where should we forward your mail?

Spain please.  I usually visit a small town called Guejar each year with my better half.

And finally… surprise us, what’s a strange or interesting fact about you?

I attended stage school when I was a teenager, although I was always in the chorus!