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We are big believers in positive change at Firefish - that's why we are always working to upgrade and improve your recruitment CRM.

Check out the latest upgrades, features, and new integrations below!   

NEW IN Analytics

Sales Forecasting

Live sales forecasting is now available within the reports dashboard of the Firefish CRM. Recruiters can easily view projected sales, monthly forecasts and revenue, split by multiple filters. 

Use variable visualization styles and filter by location, industry, temp and perm, to bring data into the heart of your recruitment agency and gain a deeper understanding of your agency's performance trends.

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NEW integrations

At Firefish we know that integrating with the best software and tools in the market is crucial for enhancing the capabilities of your agency. Check out some of the most recent Firefish integrations below.

Enhance your recruitment marketing with Zapier

The Firefish and Zapier integration allows recruiters to leverage the value of the data in their CRM by connecting to their favourite marketing apps.

Once connected, recruiters can send candidates to campaigns in Mailchimp, Hubspot, Gmail, and many other marketing platforms.

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NEW IN Analytics

Industry Benchmarking

The Firefish industry benchmarking feature enables agencies to compare the performance of their recruiters with anonymised data from the average recruiter in their industry.

This tool gives agencies the ability to effectively measure performance and create specific KPIs to develop teams of recruiters and drive data-lead growth.

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AI tools natively integrated with your recruitment CRM - no add-ons, no plugins, and no fuss.

Empower recruiters with powerful, built-in AI tools

At Fireifsh we believe the future of AI in recruitment should be built-in, not added on.

All of our AI tools and features are already in Firefish and are designed to produce engaging, professional content in a matter of seconds - giving recruiters more time to do what they do best... recruit.

Plugin Content Creator

Produce all of the content for your plugin pages in seconds. Add your title and let Firefish's native AI generate everything from general content to blogs and meet the team profiles.

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AI Recruiter Summary

Save hours on summarising your candidate CVs by using AI to instantly create rich and compelling recruiter summaries that merge into CV-sent emails and Spec CV cover letters.

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Advert Content Generator

Create professional, engaging adverts in a matter of clicks. Customise prompts to ensure all the adverts from your agency follow the same structure and remain on brand, regardless of who posts them.

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NEW IN Marketing & portals

New Dynamic Web Template

Introducing our newest Dynamic Web Template, Marlin! It comes equipped with split content sections, plugins, and a comprehensive set of brand customisation options. Marlin is the latest addition to our suite of fully dynamic templates, providing a sleek and modern solution for recruitment websites. Packed with Firefish Native AI features, it seamlessly integrates and is entirely managed within the Firefish CRM.

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Coming Soon

Here's a sneak preview on some of the features coming next to Firefish. Hit the button below to recieve updates on new features.
Time capture icon

Time Capture

Capture and record the hours worked by your contractors and save timesheets ready to be exported, all without leaving your CRM.

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The new Xero integration is set to streamline your invoicing process effortlessly. Placement information will flow into Xero, triggering automatic invoice generation.

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Our multi-currency feature will allow recruiters to work in a vast range of different currencies for specific jobs without affecting your home currency.

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