Accelerate profitable growth with data driven intelligence

Recruitment CRM software that maximises revenue per recruiter by putting data at the heart of your recruitment agency.

Accelerate Profitability
Accelerating profitable growth for over 700 data-driven recruitment agencies
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WHY FIREFISH recruitment CRM?

Create a single source of truth

Accelerating profitable growth requires a recruitment CRM that provides decision-speed data from billing to boardroom. Maximising profitability by promoting a CRM-first strategy that increases revenue per recruiter through an enriched and engaged database, admin automation and increased recruiter engagement. Agency leaders require insight into the effectiveness of activities, channels, and performance in real-time. Providing real-time insights that enable agencies to reduce operational costs.

Firefish is the recruitment CRM that puts data at the heart of your recruitment agency, creating a single source of truth and accelerating profitable growth for the recruitment agencies of tomorrow.

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Modern, data-driven recruiters use Firefish to unlock their potential

15% reduction in operational costs
Recruiter AI, automation and an increase in placements from existing candidates reduce reliance on job boards deliver an average reduction of 15% in operational costs for Firefish users.
30% increase in revenue per recruiter
Accelerate profitable growth by focussing recruitment teams on revenue generating activities like building relationships and win faster by putting data at the heart of your recruitment agency.
Enriched & Engaged Database
Reduced Admin through Automation
Improved Insights & Reporting
Increased Recruiter Engagement
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Unlock the value of data-driven intelligence

Powerful recruitment CRM software designed accelerate profitability by putting data at the heart of your recruitment agency.

Recruitment CRM Searching

Drive more placements from your recruitment CRM database .

  • Chrome Extension
  • Multiposting
  • Database Searching
  • Candidate Matching

Engage Your Data →

Recruitment CRM Analytics

Take the guesswork out of growth with real-time recruitment analytics.

  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Recruiter KPIs
  • Reports Integrations

Win Faster →

ATS Workflows Recruitment CRM

Workflows tailored to the requirements of your agency.

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Exec Search
  • Temporary Recruitment

Progress Candidates →

Recruitment CRM Automation

Automate recruitment operations to accelerate profitable growth.

  • AI-Powered Content
  • Data Automation
  • Task Automation

Automate Processes →

Recruitment CRM Communications Software

Build meaningful relationships from within your recruitment CRM.

  • SMS & VOIP
  • Email Tracking
  • Task Management

Drive Engagement →

Recruitment CRM Compliance

Water-tight compliance controls built into your recruitment CRM.

  • Company Compliance
  • Candidate Compliance
  • Database Security

Revenue Protection →

Putting data at the heart of your recruitment agency.

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Recruitment CRM Candidate Portal

Collect and enrich data directly in your recruitment CRM.

  • Website Templates
  • Content Modules
  • Job Alerts
  • Candidate Portal

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Recruitment CRM Hiring Manager Portal

Provide hiring mangers with a seamless collaborative experience.

  • Talent Pools
  • Job Requests
  • Hiring Manager ATS
  • Candidate Searching

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Marketplace Integrations

Eliminate data gaps in your CRM when all funnels lead to Firefish.

  • Job Boards
  • Marketing Automation
  • Pay & Bill
  • Time Sheets

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The recruitment CRM behind high-growth agencies

"We've grown from 3 to 19 users, and Firefish has adapted to our changing needs.

We've seen Firefish grow a lot, really changing and developing with new features and integrations, and our growth journey is tied to that.

The support team at Firefish is really, really good. They respond straight away, sort any issues quickly, and our needs are often translated onto the roadmap plan and new features in the CRM."

Axion Recruitment Testimonial
Sam Wild, Axion Recruitment CRM Review

Sam Wild

Operations and Training Director

increase in revenue per recruiter alongside 500% headcount growth

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Make more placements from your existing database

Within six months of using Firefish, you’ll see candidate engagement levels increase by 200% and your recruiters converting 25% more placements.

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Recruitment Software Testimonial

Firefish is a fantastic resource for recruiters to easily track, monitor, and update roles, candidates and even client information.  This is the real all-rounder of recruitment CRM software.

Rhianna B

Value Match Recruitment
Recruitment Agency Software Testimonial

I love how adaptable Firefish is in every sense. From the setup, to the email templates and how recruiters communicate with candidates. This is the best Recruitment CRM software that we have ever used.

Rachel F

RF Recruitment
Testimonial Image

Having been in recruitment for 10 years and I have used Recruitment CRM systems, but Firefish is the best recruitment software out there. From integrations, coaching sessions, configurations, to general support - they have an amazing team that are there to help and support at anytime.

Laura T

Lusona Recruitment Group

Trusted by thousands of recruiters, every day

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