Recruitment Industry Benchmarking

Accelerate growth strategies with sector benchmarking

Analyse agency and recruiter performance

Firefish’s mission is to provide intuitive software that supports profitable growth for recruitment agencies. That means unlocking the value in your data and empowering you to understand where your agency sits in the market, what your strengths are, and where you need to focus your efforts to maximise your recruitment agency's output. Within the Firefish recruitment CRM, agencies can benchmark their recruiters against anonymised data from the average recruiter performance in their sector to find the competitive edge.
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Benchmark your success

Firefish empowers you to access sector specific recruitment stats from within your CRM, enabling you to benchmark your recruiters' performance against the sector average.

Understand your performance

With benchmarks for sales, engagement, compliance and, more, you will understand where to focus your training efforts to maximise recruiter performance.

Set measurable recruiter KPIs

With a clear understanding of performance across the sector, you can set more effective and measurable KPIs for each recruiter.

Unlock unrivalled data insights

Use Firefish’s sector benchmarking to identify trends and guide your recruitment agency’s strategy.

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