Recruitment Compliance

Safeguard your data with built-in recruitment compliance

Ensure water-tight compliance with seamless workflows woven through your CRM.

Built-in protection for your recruitment agency

Protect your agency, candidates, and clients with water-tight compliance workflows built into your recruitment CRM.

With native compliance workflows on Firefish, recruiters can place candidates in confidence, safe in the knowledge that all mandatory checks have been completed. From company terms and right-to-work documentation to credit checks and data retention - take control of compliance across your recruitment agency.

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Water-tight security features for your CRM

Built into your CRM

User Profiles

Compartmentalise the data in your CRM for better security and set clear permissions for each type of user.

Amplified Job Visibility

2-Factor Authentication

Safeguard your CRM from unauthorised access with two unique forms of login protection.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Time / IP Resrictions

Protect your CRM and ensure a positive work/life balance for your recruiters by restricting access to known working locations and office hours.

Candidate Compliance

Content Modules

GDPR Workflow

Ensure GDPR compliance with fully auditable, automated processes that flag records due for deletion or renewal and allow recruiters to decide.

Reference Management

Request references from candidates and direct them to the candidate portal to input or upload. Track reference requests and see when references come in.

Custom Compliance Controls

Set controls on what information is mandatory for candidates and what stage of each job workflow can be reached without full compliance sign off.

Candidate Compliance Workflows

Utilise water-tight compliance workflows to ensure that every successful placement is signed off and compliant, protecting your agency and your clients.

Company Compliance

Custom Terms Banding

Create standard or custom terms for each salary banding for every company in your CRM. Track and send terms proposals and set follow-ups for account reviews.

Credit Checks

Record the credit status of the companies in your CRM to ensure your only engage with businesses with the means to pay.

Company  Compliance Workflows

Set compliance rules to ensure that roles can only be worked for fully compliant companies with signed terms and positive credit status.
Content Modules
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"With Firefish, all the documents and compliance is easily updated and done for us, keeping our agency safe. Without Firefish, we would have so much more stress and be open to safety issues."
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Fuelled by the success of our users

Today, Firefish helps recruitment companies of all sizes and industries to accelerate growth by putting data at the heart of their recruitment agency, and it’s  recognised by users who have voted us as the best Recruitment CRM software provider at a number of awards.

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