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All Firefish Recruitment CRM packages include UK-based support and weekly product updates.

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Transparency from the beginning

We believe that every partnership should be built on mutual trust and transparency. That's why we'll never make you complete a form to find out more about our pricing packages.




Exceed your potential with a powerful Recruitment CRM that propels your agency to the forefront of the industry.

£80/per user monthly
What’s included
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    Recruitment CRM
  • Bullet icon
    Applicant Tracking System
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    LinkedIn Chrome Extension
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    Job Multiposter
  • Bullet icon
    2 Reports Dashboards
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Equip your company with the business management and recruitment intelligence tools needed to achieve your vision of profitable recruitment operations.

£105/per user monthly
What’s included
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    Recruitment CRM
  • Bullet icon white
    Applicant Tracking System
  • Bullet icon white
    Marketing Tools
  • Bullet icon white
    Hiring Manager Portal
  • Bullet icon white
    Compliance Features
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    20 Reports Dashboards
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Compare plans by feature:

Everything you need to accelerate data-driven growth, under one roof.
Compare by Feature
Recruitment CRM
2-Way SMS
Calling (VOIP)
2-Way Email Tracking
Meeting & Task Management
Database Automation
Record Deletion / Archiving
Data Rention Alerts
Bulk Actions
Duplicate Management
Company Site Management
Engagement Tracking & Indicators
Hot / New Candidate Alerts
Spec CV's
Search & Match
LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Advanced Search
Saved Searches
Radius Search
Potential Matches
Talent Pools
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Recruitment ATS
Permanent Workflow
CV Formatter
Interview Management
Offer Management
Workflow Potential Matches
Forecast Management
Contract Workflow
Bulk Placements
Payment Calculator (Company Type)
Extensions & Terminations
Contract Generator (eSign)
Temporary Workflow
Postcode Radius Matching
Multiple Rate & Positions
Bulk Workflow Progression
Contract Roll-On
Compliance Rules
Executive Search
Flexible Workflow Stages
Retainers & Split-Fees
Hiring Manager Portal
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Recruitment Marketing
Multiposter (Integrated Job Boards)
AI Advert Content Generator
Job Board Credit Management
Direct Apply
Content Management System (CMS)
Job Alerts
*Websites require a professional or enterprise package & are charged at £150 pm.
**There is a £50 charge per month, per plug in.
Candidate Portal*
Online Registration
Compliance Onboarding
Candidate Profile Management
Diversity & Equality
Marketing Preferences
*Candidate Portal requires a professional or enterprise package and is charged at £150pcm.
Hiring Manager Portal*
Talent Pools
Hiring Manager ATS
Job Requests
Database Searching
Integrated Careers Page
*Hiring Manager Portal requires a professional or enterprise package and is charged from £150pcm.
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Recruitment Compliance
Database Security
2-Factor Authentication
User Profiles
Time / IP Login Restrictions
Candidate Compliance
GDPR Workflow
Contractor Generator (e-Sign)
Candidate Compliance Workflows
Reference Management
Custom Compliance Controls
Company Compliance
Custom Terms Banding
Company Compliance Workflows
Company Credit Checks
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Recruitment Analytics
Reports Dashboards
Sales Reports
Candidate Insights
Recruiter Activity
Industry Benchmarking
Live Sales Forecasting
Marketing Reports
Compliance Reports
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Seamlessly integrated

Imagine the software needed to support your agency's recruitment activities as a puzzle and Firefish as the missing piece that brings them all together in one place. We integrate seamlessly with Firefish certified partners, designed to drive engagement from the core of your CRM.

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Plus job boards, communications and many more

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How Bright Purple increased placements through better engagement

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Driving placements from existing candidates

Through data cleansing led by Firefish, Bright Purple have benefited from a smaller, more relevant database that is fully GDPR compliant. Allowing their recruiters to target warmer candidates and driving placements as a result.

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Measuring candidate acquisition sources

By utilising the reports dashboards on Firefish, Bright Purples leadership team were able to identify that over a third of applicants were coming from applicants already in their database - helping them to prioritise database engagement.

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Driving digital engagement from the CRM

Firefish enables Bright Purple to manage their website from within the CRM. Allowing the team to reduce the time it takes to improve their candidate journey and giving them the ability to run marketing campaigns from one platform.

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