Recruitment Reporting

Taking the guesswork out of growth

Unlock the power of data-driven intelligence with real-time recruitment reporting and analytics


Real-time recruitment reporting dashboards

Enhance your recruitment reporting capabilities by turning candidate, contact, and recruitment data into actionable insights.

Make informed decisions and accurately measure your agency's performance with advanced recruitment reporting features. Giving you access to your recruitment data through fully branded, customisable reports. Empowering you to delve deep into your Recruitment CRM, pinpoint high-performing activities, and accelerate data-driven growth.

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Translating data to actionable insights

Built into your CRM

Global Reporting

See real-time recruitment reports on activities recorded in your CRM. Track everything from sales activities to compliance and marketing ROI.

Amplified Job Visibility

Industry Benchmarking

Compare the performance of your agency against anonymised agency data from your sector. Identify trends and highlight areas of weakness.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Dynamic Dashboards

View all of your recruitment activities in fully branded reports dashboards, with custom sharing options and a variety of visualisation formats.

Recruitment Sales Reporting


Get instant insight into agency revenue sources

Easily analyse the sales data from your recruiters across permanent and contract roles and compare lost revenue with projected sales.

  • Track revenue from successful placements
  • View lost revenue from failed placements
  • Understand additional sales from contract extensions
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candidate reports dashboards

Identify candidate sources with the highest conversion rates

See at a glance where your candidates are coming from, and understand the makeup of the candidate activity in your recruitment CRM.

  • Review the most active channels for candidate registrations
  • Segment your candidate by their preferences and activity
  • Understand the makeup of your candidate base by sector, location and much more
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recruiter kpi reports

Maximise performance with recruiter KPIs and activities

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Leverage recruitment reporting to track your recruiters' performance metrics. This promotes a healthy competitive environment by benchmarking results against peers and other teams.

  • Track KPI attainment and recruiter activities in real-time
  • Identify top performers and those who need more support
  • Compare recruiter performance against previous months and other colleagues
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recruitment compliance reporting

Track and analyse compliance status and documentation

Enhance recruitment operations with recruitment reporting that enables you to review compliance requests and activities. Ensuring your agency has a clear understanding of overall compliance status.

  • Track requested compliance
  • Evaluate the number of compliant vs uncompliant candidates
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recruitment marketing insights

Analyse job board usage and marketing results

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Utilise recruitment reporting to precisely measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and recruiter job board expenditure.

  • Track and compare email marketing activity
  • Understand job board usage to calculate spending
  • Review the subscriber rate of your database
Recruitment Sales Forecasting Report
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agency Sales Forecasting

Prioritise activities with real-time sales forecasting

Optimise your recruitment agency's strategy with advanced recruitment reporting that enables you to instantly track sales performance and view revenue forecasts within your Recruitment CRM.

  • View weighted forecasted sales
  • Analyse sales forecasts by month
  • Filter forecasts by recruiter, Temp vs Perm and much more

recruitment Industry Benchmarking reports

Benchmark performance against industry averages

Benchmark both agency and recruiter performance against anonymised data from others in your industry with Industry Benchmarking only available on Firefish.

Maintain a competitive edge with recruitment reporting that enables you to identify strategic priorities, analyse average revenue per recruiter, growth forecasts, and more.

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