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Build powerful reporting dashboards in seconds

Analyse the data you collect on candidates, contacts and recruitment activities to make informed business decisions and accurately evaluate the performance of your recruitment agency.

View your recruitment data in fully branded, customisable visual graphs. Giving you the tools to paint a picture of your recruitment database and pinpoint the activities and processes generating a return on investment.

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Analyse Every Aspect of Your Recruitment Agency

Identify top candidate acquisition sources.

Recruitment Reporting Dashboard
Any recruitment database is only as good as the candidates inside. At Firefish we know it’s not only important to be able to measure how many candidates are being registered each week, but crucially what channel they are coming from.

Our real time candidate report dashboard modules allow you to see how many candidates have arrived at your system through your website, via a job advert or by being added manually added by one of your recruiters. Allowing you to identify which channels to focus on and track the performance of your recruitment teams.

Track business development activities.

Recruitment Analytics Software
Business development plays a key role in the growth of every recruitment agency. With Firefish you can easily track the Business Development activities of your recruiters across everything from canvass calls, and meetings booked to spec CVs and email campaigns.

Allowing everyone to view the efforts made on business development and compare activity to previous periods. Helping to spark internal competition that’s synonymous with high performing recruitment teams.

Discover revenue in your company database.

Reports Dashboard for Recruitment
Every day new companies are added to your recruitment database, some off the back of cold calls with no answer and others with new vacancies across multiple departments.

Using our company status report, you can easily map out the companies in your database and segment them based on the nature of the relationship. This is the best way to see where the next fee is coming from in your database. Identify the warmest leads in your database, the existing clients who have been inactive recently and jump on the newly added clients to start building a relationship.

Track candidate stages throughout job workflows.

Recruitment Reporting
Recruitment comes down to filling vacancies, and with a top level ATS you should have a much easier time doing this. But when placements are slowing down you need to be able to identify problems in the process, with Firefish Job Workflow Reporting you can.

See immediately how many candidates are at each stage of the process from first consideration through to placement. This allows you to see what the ratio of CVs sent to interview, the number of candidates progressing beyond consideration and how many are backing out at offer stage. This will drive the development of you recruiters to sharpen their skills to make more placements.

Measure the success of ads and analyse application sources.

Job Advert Reporting Dashboard
Analyse job ad performance with advert reporting dashboards on Firefish. Drop job advert reports modules onto your recruitment agencies dashboard and see the effectiveness of your job ads by tricking the number of hits, clicks and applications. Dive deeper into ad performance to analyse which adverts are converting to placements and where your applications are coming from. Giving you the tools to optimise return on investment from your job board activities.

Your advert reporting module can also be displayed across two levels of data, providing you with insight into the performance of ads per recruiter and can also be stacked to compare performance across recruitment teams.

Comprehensive Recruitment Reporting Suite

Powerful recruitment data about your candidates, clients, jobs and recruiters. Presented in a format that can be as simple or detailed as you need.

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  • Bar Chart Dashboard

    Dynamic Dashboards
    Build powerful reports dashboards that can be shared across recruitment teams or locked for personal use.

  • Reporting Layers

    Multiple Layers of Data
    Take a deep dive into data from across your recruitment agency by clicking into graphs to explore the data that makes up your reports.

  • Recruitment KPI Dashboard

    Real-time KPI Tracking
    Track KPI progress across a range of performance indicators with personal KPI dashboards for each recruiter.

  • Report Filters

    Multi-level Filtering
    Filter your recruitment data to pinpoint the exact metrics you are searching for with multiple levels of filtering on reports.

  • Recruitment Sales Forecasting

    Sales Forecasting
    Forecast agency revenue and individual recruiter performance with recruitment sales forecasting reporting.

  • Open API Report

    Open API
    Push your recruitment data to external visualisation tools and third parties with the Open API on Firefish.

  • Data Export Reporting

    Data Exports
    Export your recruitment reports in CSV form for analysis or upload to external systems.

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Firefish reports dashboards make it easy to run reports on anything in our CRM. We can monitor recruiters activities, track business progress and compare trends to previous years.

James C

Optima Site Solutions
Clodagh Murphy Recruitment

Firefish reports give me an immediate snapshot into how we are performing as a business, a team and as individuals. For me, they are the pulse of the business – I can easily see what’s going on across all parts of our recruitment process.

Clodagh Murphy

Cathedral Appointments
Testimonial Image

Firefish Reports Dashboards work perfectly for us! We are now able to make better informed decisions and can analyse activity across our recruitment teams in seconds. The variety of visualisation options is great and exploring multiple layers of data makes it easy to find exactly the information that we are looking for!

Iain B

Revoco Talent

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