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The recruitment CRM that equips agencies with the intelligence tools needed to achieve data-driven growth.

Reports Dashboards

View data from across your agency with built-in reports dashboards

Analyse candidate, contact and recruitment activity data to make informed business decisions and accurately evaluate the performance of your recruitment agency.

View your recruitment data in fully branded, customisable visual graphs. Firefish gives you the tools to understand your recruitment database, identify high-performing activities and leverage a positive return on investment.

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The Complete Recruitment Reporting Solution

Built into your CRM

Global Reporting

See real-time reports on every activity recorded in your CRM. Track everything from sales activities to compliance and marketing results.

Amplified Job Visibility

Industry Benchmarking

Compare the performance of your agency against anonymised agency data from your sector. Spot trends and highlight areas of weakness.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Dynamic Dashbaords

View all of your recruitment activities in fully branded reports dashboards, with custom sharing options and a variety of visualisation methods.

Sales Reporting

Get instant insight into agency revenue sources

Easily analyse the sales data from your recruiters across permanent and contract roles and compare lost revenue with projected sales.

  • Track revenue from successful placements
  • View lost revenue from failed placements
  • Understand additional sales from contract extensions
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Candidate Insights

Understand candidate acquisition sources

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See at a glance where your candidates are coming from and understand the makeup of the candidate activity in your recruitment CRM.

  • Review the most active channels for candidate registrations
  • Segment your candidate by their preferences and activity
  • Understand the makeup of your candidate base by sector, location and much more
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Recruiter Activty

Track and Analyse recruiter activities

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Measure the activity of your recruiters and foster competition by comparing them against other colleagues and teams.

  • Track KPI attainment and recruiter output in real time
  • Identify top performers and those who need more support
  • Compare recruiter performance against previous months and other colleagues
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Compliance Reports

Track and analyse compliance requests and documentation

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Review the compliance requests against what has been received and understand the overall compliance status of your recruitment CRM.

  • Track requested compliance
  • Evaluate the number of compliant vs uncompliant candidates
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Marketing Reports

Assess job board usage and marketing results

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Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and analyse job board spend

  • Track and compare email marketing activity
  • Understand job board usage to calculate spending
  • Review the subscriber rate of your database

Industry benchmarking

Understand Your Competitive Performance

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Unlock the value in your data and accurately compare your agency against anonymised data from your industry across key recruitment metrics.

  • Track revenue per recruiter
  • Compare placements made per recruiter
  • Analysehow active your database is
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Understand Your Competitive Performance

Industry Benchmarking

Unlock the value in your data and accurately compare your agency against anonymised data from your industry across key recruitment metrics.

Enabling you to better understand your competitive position and prioritise high growth activities.

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Forecast your expected sales performance

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Sales forecasting

See your sales forecasts live in the Firefish Report dashboard.

Instantly view the likelihood of each forecasted sale to understand what is likely to come in and also view your forecasts by date to see when your fees are going to land.

Filter all of your forecast data in a variety of ways to analyse your forecasts by location, by industry or by individual recruiter. Furthermore, split all of your reports by workflow to view Temp or Perm performance.

Recruitment Reporting and Analytics FAQs