We’re More Than Just a Support Team

Our support function are an award-winning team of ex-recruiters who understand your everyday challenges and are on-hand to help you overcome them.

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Supporting Your Next Stage of Growth

We support recruiters in over 25 countries from our UK-based Head Office.
On average, our Support Team resolve any queries or issues within 97 minutes.
Uptime across all Firefish products in the last 90 days.
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Award-winning Customer Support

Firefish support is handled by our award-winning in-house Customer team who are passionate about tech but still recruiters at heart.

Our UK-based support team are available during working hours by phone, live chat and email or you can book a session with a member of the team at a time that suits you.

We’re always on hand to answer any questions you have, or you can do a quick search of our Fish Tank knowledge hub.

Resources to Suit Your Style of Learning

Regardless of how you like to receive information, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for self-service support, our Fishtank articles are packed with product how-to’s and best practice tips and available at the click of a button.

Prefer a more interactive method? We run monthly live webinars, covering different aspects of the system. Our award-winning recruitment blog is also perfect for business articles.

Community Driven Product Roadmap

As a Firefish customer, you drive our product roadmap. Through our UserVoice platform, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for new Firefish features and improvements you would like to see to the system.

We update our product on weekly basis with small improvements so we’re continually leading the way on the recruitment software market.

What Our Client Say

"The standout for me is the customer service and support, prompt, efficient, they listen, always answer the phone, nothing is too much trouble, I get the feeling they appreciate and want to keep our business, which in this day and age is a rarity unfortunately."

"Good, robust software but one thing I would say is that the support is better than any application I have ever used. So, if there is a difficulty, it is resolved very, very quickly. The support team are lovely, really good to work with."

"We have been using Firefish for quite a few years now having moved over from Bullhorn. What a difference. At Bullhorn we were just a number and rarely got actually speak to anyone when we had a problem. The team at FF have been nothing but helpful and supportive (especially when I ask stupid questions) and have worked really hard to ensure everything works smoothly."

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