Katie Paterson

Content Editor-in-Chief

Glasgow girl Katie is drawn to all things aquatic, having worked in an office which was actually a boat moored at Canary Wharf, and before that in canal-crammed Amsterdam!  A great background for any Fish, but we wanted to know more...

Content Editor-in-Chief sounds very exciting!  What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love that I get to be really creative and indulge my passion for writing - it's brilliant to have the opportunity to take what I love doing in my spare time and do that as my job.

Sounds like you're the perfect person for the role!  Other than writing, what do you like to do when you're not at your desk? 

My ideal weekend would definitely involve reading all the papers and supplements cover-to-cover in bed with a big coffee, then going either climbing or hillwalking.  After that, a trip to the theatre to see a dance production (preferably choreographed by Michael Clark) would round it off perfectly. 

Ah, so you like dance - how about singing?  What's your favourite tune to belt out when no-one's listening? 

It has to be the most epic song ever: Vienna by Ultravox!  

A great power ballad!  Speaking of power - if you were a superhero, what would your power be? 

Definitely time travel.  Since I moved back to Glasgow I've been obsessed with how it used to be in years gone by.  I love the idea of experiencing how the places I'm so familiar with were in the past, and seeing how they will be in the future would be brilliant too.

Finally, tell us a strange, fun or interesting fact about yourself. 

I adore 90s hip hop music.  I absolutely do not fancy myself as an MC, though - it's purely nostalgia!