Cameron McLennan

Head of SME Business Growth

Cammy grew up in Lochgilphead, a small town on Scotland's west coast. He's itching to re-discover the beauty of New Zealand (he calls it STUN-ning!) but he's a homeboy at heart as a massive fan of the good old Tunnock's Caramel Wafer! 

Predictive Recruitment Specialist means?

It’s my job to find out about possible clients businesses and what they are looking for in  a new system. I speak to potential clients about Firefish, our methodology and predictive recruitment approach and then carry out tailored demos and help them on the Firefish journey!

Why do you #lovethefish? 

I have the opportunity to speak to people from all over the world who are setting up in business and learning about what they want to achieve  

You’re not in the office- what are you up to?

I love to play golf in my spare time! Or I'll be at the travel agent, planning my next big adventure somewhere. 

Everyone does it- what song do you belt out when you think no one can hear?

"I Bet that You Look Good on the Dancefloor"  by the Arctic Monkeys. Classic. 

And finally, tell us something that we’d be surprised to know about you? 

While at school I was once in an episode of the Beechgrove Garden on BBC TV. Definitely an Oscar-winning turn on that show.