Stewart Pollock

Data Analyst

Our Junior Data Analyst Stewart has graduated from being in (in his own words!) 'possibly the world's worst band' and is now at home in our Product Team.

What do you like about being here then?

The team is very supportive, they're a great bunch to work with.

And when you're not hanging out with the Fish Crew in the Aquarium? 

I train Muay Thai and play guitar to keep busy.

You're making us feel very lazy. If you had a night on the couch to chill out, what's the score?

I'll be watching a series of incredibly average documentaries and eating popcorn. 

Well we wouldn't want to distract you from the mediocre TV, but BAM! You're a superhero! What's your power?

Super speed combined with flight, it would make the commute to work a lot easier.  And going on holiday of course.

A keen bean eager to get to work, we love it.  But we can't let you go without an embarrassing question. What's the song you sing in the shower?

Got to be Crossroads by Cream.