June 19, 2017

Topping Up Our Tank

We’ve had a really exciting month here at Firefish Software.  And some important news to announce…


We’ve topped up our Tank with not one, not two, not three… but FOUR new fish! With our new version of Firefish rapidly approaching release, and lots more exciting stuff on the way, it’s been all fins on deck for our Product Team the last few months.  This meant we needed some shiny new fish to support us, and we've picked a great bunch. Here they are looking very smart, but please note we do provide new starts with real office chairs, they're not expected to work from our oversized deckchair full time!  


The New Fish


Let’s get introduced:


Alec Harley

Alec is our brand new Scrum Master on the Beta team, and is charged with working to improve our product, and designing and improving internal processes to make development easier.  He hails from Kelvindale in Glasgow, and is an avid player of PC games.


"I've only been here a short time, but I already feel part of the team.  It's great to already be working on projects and putting ideas into action, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my role develops in the future."


Jon Gibson

Jon is our UAT Tester and QA, working with both the Product and Happiness Teams to make sure Firefish works in the most user friendly way, and offers our customers the best experience.  He’s a bit of a perfectionist, which is good news for us! And it more than makes up for the fact that, despite being a Fish now, he can’t actually swim!  Jon says,


"Everyone at Firefish has put a lot of effort into making me and the other new fishes feel really welcome and a part of the team from day one, (with special thanks to Vicki who’s devoted a huge amount of her time to my training).  The team are really dynamic and receptive to new ideas and its really exciting to see how quickly a change can be taken from an initial concept through to delivery.  I’m excited to see what can be achieved going forwards."

Stewart Pollock

Stewart is our new Junior Data Analyst, working with client data and getting it in the right format to transfer and upload to their new Firefish accounts, which is quite a change from being in (in his own words!) potentially the world’s worst band…


"I'm really excited about working at Firefish, as it's a great company, and this is exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to do whilst I was studying at University."


Colin McKean


Colin has joined us from Code Clan, after his visit to our Aquarium last month.  As our new front-end developer, he gets to work on lots of different sites, seeing a variety of designs and creating some amazing looking websites for our clients.


"I’ve only been here a week and the team have been very supportive as this is a big career change. I’ve already had tasks to complete, it’s exciting to see my changes going through to the product."


Code Clan Crew


Of course, we couldn’t have attracted such great new team members without some serious hard work from our Head of Happiness (Ops) and Talent Magnet Vicki!  Vicki has been thrilled to see the newbies get started and take to their roles like fish to water:


"We’re delighted that our new Fish have joined us!  This marks another period of growth for Firefish, and the fact that we can attract such great talent as Alec, Colin, Jon and Stewart is testament to the outstanding work that the team produces and the focus we put on making Firefish somewhere that we’re proud to work. We really value our Fish and our culture, so it’s brilliant to see them settling in so well and making such an impact already.  Welcome to the team!"


These new Fish will help support us in releasing our new version to our clients, and continue to work on making improvements to make sure we’re offering the best possible experience.  We’re really passionate about keeping our customers happy, and we do have an entire team dedicated to Happiness, but it’s something we make sure we carry throughout Firefish.  After all, that’s what it really means to #lovethefish!


If you think you have the #lovethefish spirit and are keen to join our team, make sure you check out our Jobs page, and keep an eye on our Careers Twitter and other social channels for your chance to #swimwiththebest.