February 26, 2020

Pancake Day At Firefish Software was a Flipping Success

It might’ve felt like January was never ending but we can’t believe February is nearly over! And you could say that Pancake Day… crepe’d up on us.

If you’re a regular reader of the Firefish news, you’ll know we Fishies love to celebrate an annual holiday: Burns Night, Halloween, Bonfire Night… even National Cupcake Week! You name it, we celebrate it (especially when there’s food involved).

And you can bet Pancake Day is one that definitely doesn’t fall flat with us.

So, when February comes around we’re always ec-stack-ic when our Head of Happiness and Talent Magnet, Vicki, dons her apron and opens her pancake station in the Aquarium!

Firefish's Chief Pancake Maker - Vicki
Firefish's Head Pancake Maker - Vicki

Sweet treats for the Fishies

Once the pancake parlour opened its doors, the Fish flooded to the pancake station to see what sweet treats our Head Chef had on offer.

And they definitely weren’t disappointed with the sea of toppings laid out.

Sweet treats in the Aquarium
The Firefish shoal topping their pancakes
The Firefish shoal got creative with their pancake toppings

Some opted for the classic lemon juice and sugar; others went healthier with our selection of fresh fruit (it totally still counts towards your 5-a-day when it’s coupled with pancakes) and of course, our sweet tooth was fully satisfied with melted Nutella, chocolate buttons and marshmallows too.

A yummy pancake

Our wonderful Content Marketer, Sophie, got creative with her pancake and choice of toppings… can you guess what it is?

Sophie's creative Fishy pancake

10 points if you guessed Fish!

Okay… we know it wasn’t a difficult guessing game, we always love to be on brand!

Our London Fish didn't miss a flipping thing!

But it wasn’t just the Fishies in the Aquarium having a flipping great time!

Our London based Fish, Matt and Jo, received their Pancake Day kit too to ensure they could keep #flippingwiththebest.

Jo with her Firefish Pancake Day kit
Our lovely Fish, Jo, with her Pancake Day treats!

We hope you all had a great Pancake Day!

We’ll see you all for Easter… we’re dreaming about those chocolate eggs already.