December 4, 2019

New Fish at the Aquarium

The Firefish Aquarium has been buzzing with excitement as four new Fish have joined the shoal.

And as if that news isn’t exciting enough, we’re are also announcing the start of our expansion into London – that’s right, we’ve got Fish in the Big Smoke!

Our London Fishbowl

We've o-fish-ally welcomed two new Fish to the shoal who will not only be invaluable additions to our Growth team, but also mark the start of Firefish's expansion into London!

 Growth Specialist – Matt Jelley

Matt Jelley has joined us from eRecruit/Bond Adapt where he spent nine years selling recruitment software to the UK market.

In his new position as a Firefish Growth Specialist, he'll be focusing on showing the 15+ market how Firefish can change the way they recruit. Forever.


Senior Growth Specialist, Matt Jelley

Growth Specialist - Jo Bradford

Jo Bradford also joins us from eRecruit/Bond Adapt, where she spent a whopping 22 years on the Sales team!

Jo brings a wealth of experience in selling recruitment software to the SME agency market and will be a brilliant addition to Alan’s team as a London-based Growth Specialist.


Growth Specialist, Jo Bradford

The Glasgow Aquarium is still growing


Whilst we’re delighted to announce that the Firefish shoal is now swimming in a new city, we’re still excited to shout about our continual growth in our Glasgow Aquarium.


Product Experience Specialist – Lewis Marasco

Lewis Marasco has joined our ever-growing Product team as a Product Experience Specialist.

Not only does Lewis bring a wealth of knowledge from his time in the recruitment industry, he also has loads of software experience – a fin-ominial fit!  

Lewis is also the only Welsh Fish in the shoal so as you can imagine, we’re all delighted to have 'Whales' in the Aquarium!   


Product Experience Specialist, Lewis Marasco

Customer Onboarding Specialist – Elliot Beattie

The latest Fish to join us in the Aquarium is Elliot Beatie, our new Onboarding Specialist in our Customer team.

Elliot has been working recruitment for the last two years, predominantly in the IT and pharmaceutical sectors.

As a recruitment team leader, he has loads of experience coaching teams of resourcing consultants, making him the perfect Fish to help our customers swim to success.


Customer Onboarding Specialist, Elliot Beattie


Welcome to team guys – we’re eel-y excited to have you all onboard!