Meet the Team behind Firefish Software

Meet the Team

Meet the people behind Firefish


Wendy McDougall
Katie Paterson
Joanne Causer
Alan McFadden
Sophie Cunningham
Amy McLaughlin
Nick Kirk - Video & Digital Dude
Nick Kirk

We believe that by working together we achieve more, and our Growth team is a great example of this! The world is now buyer led rather than sales led, so we wanted to support that by taking an inbound marketing approach to attract and engage prospective clients with engaging and useful online content. When people are engaged and want to find out about our product, sales must engage at exactly the right time and if it’s not quite right then marketing step back in and nurture that relationship more. Winning new customers in this way requires different skills at each part of the process but works best when they are all combined together and the journey is seamless for the buyer.


Louise Cunningham
Andy Gardner
Paul McKinlay
Scott Sorbie
Michelle Elliott
Scott Banner
Stewart Pollock
Marguerite Guibourg
Anthony Murchie

All new customers go through onboarding, receive ongoing support and are helped to swim to success by our awesome Happiness team. Each member of the Happiness team is a former recruiter, so they all understand what their clients are trying to achieve and the different pains they feel. This means they can provide expert advice and recommendations as to how to use Firefish in the most effective way for each client’s specific requirements. The Happiness team love nothing more than seeing our customers’ businesses succeed, and go out of their way to help them make that happen.


Andrew Mackay
Natasha Shaurek
Alec Harley
Ross Turpie
Tommy Nicito
Colin McKean
Cleyra Uzcategui
Michael Thomas, Application Support Developer, Firefish Software, Meet the Team
Michael Thomas
Paul Owens
Anthony Denovan
Andrew Ferguson
John McInall
Jon Gibson
Craig Law

To make sure we’re at the cutting edge of recruitment software, our team of dynamic Product developers are always working on new features and improvements to keep us ahead of the competition. Their innovative approach to development means there is always something exciting in the pipeline, and lovely seasonal surprises for our clients, too! Due to their severity, larger items need to go through a Beta process, so the team look at larger pieces of work and the overall UI of the product.


Vicki Moir
Richard Mullan
Emma Ibell
William Townsend
Minh Nguyen

Our clients use the software all day, every day so the Technical Operations team are here to ensure that they have everything they need. From helping Happiness with more complex technical queries; to managing data requirements; to monitoring system performance; to developing and testing all the new features and requests that are released each week to the current version, these guys are indispensable in the smooth running of Firefish.