October 31, 2019

Halloween in the Aquarium

We Fishies aren’t a squeamish bunch, so we’re not scared to dive into some frightful fun when Halloween comes around. So this year, we couldn’t resist celebrating with a spook-tactular Halloween party!


The Aquarium became the A-scare-ium

Our Head of Happiness, Vicki became the Head of Horrors for the day, decking out the Aquarium with some dreaded décor. She even sweetened the deal with creepy cocktails and hordes of candy for us to feast on! 


Look, if you dare, at the spooky set up....



The Fishies got ready to Trick or Trout


For the soiree, we fished out our spookiest (and funniest) costumes and we did look frightfully good (if we do say so ourselves)! We had everyone from Pulp Fishton to IT the Clown-Fish in attendance, and everyone was ready to compete for the coveted Best Costume Award.  


The race was tight, but in the end Still Game stars, Jack and Victor hobbled their way to victory! Check out our creepy costumes below:



We played some gruesome games

So with beers in hand and parts of our costumes falling off, a few of our Fishies got their muscles out to beat the petrifying piñata. After some of Fish tried and failed, Associate Director Louise took no prisoners, taking down the piñata with just one hit!


The witches’ hat ring toss turned out to be the real trick of the evening, because despite all our best efforts, no one was able to land a single ring – which definitely wasn’t down to the creepy cocktails or beastly beers of course…


Check out the gruesome games below…