March 8, 2020

Celebrating International Women's Day at Firefish Software

It’s International Women’s Day! Or should we say… Finternational Women’s Day.

As a female-led SaaS company that’s been changing the way businesses recruit for a whole decade, we’re excited to celebrate the wonderful women who help to make Firefish Software the fin-tastic award-winning business it is.

Who runs the Aquarium? … Firefish Girls!

Only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women. But at Firefish, that’s not the case.

Firefish Board of Directors
Firefish Board of Directors: Wendy McDougall, Chris Varley, Louise Cunningham, Kai Murray

As you can see from the photo, our board of directors is pretty female dominated (sorry, Chris, you’ve already had enough coverage in our news stories lately), so you could say that we’re making waves in the industry – in more ways than one!

But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked some of the fabulous females of Firefish to tell us what they love most about their job…

Sophie - Content Marketer

Michelle - Recruitment Success Specialist

Jo - Growth Specialist

Celebrating International International Women's Day

We couldn’t celebrate International Women's Day without giving a mention to the women of Firefish who bring a bit of cultural flair to our office in the middle of Glasgow.

Natasha Shaurek - Head of Fast Track & App Support

"I love the feeling you get when you've developed a feature from start to finish and people love using it. It's one of the best feelings ever!"

Our Macedonian marvel, Natasha, has been swimming with the best for almost 8 years (almost as long as there’s been an Aquarium)!

Natasha has grown alongside Firefish since she joined way back in 2012. So much so that she’s been promoted a fin-omenal FOUR times! We certainly don’t know where we’d be without her (but if she doesn’t slow done, we might end up running out of positions to promote her to soon!).

She heads up both Fast Track and App Support here in the Aquarium and is currently looking for somebody new to join her team! Find out more on our jobs page.

Marguerite Guibourg - Senior Data Analyst


"I love working in Data because, migration is like being the Sherlock Holmes of Data, there is always a new puzzles to solve."

Our Parisienne prodigy, Marguerite, has been with us for less than two years but in that time she’s swam her way up from Executive Data Analyst to a Senior Data Analyst!

She loves all things data (which is definitely helpful for her position!) and plays a vital role in helping agencies migrate their data to Firefish so they can dive right into using our software without a hitch. 

Clerya Uzcategui - Front End Developer

"I chose to work in the tech industry because I wanted to spend my time working in a challenging, changing and never boring field."

Cleyra is originally from Venezuela and is a Front End Developer in our Product team!

She loves having the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging web projects – which definitely aren’t in short supply with our ever-developing product!

Cleyra’s been swimming with the Firefish shoal for less than a year but has already made a huge splash in our product team and the company as a whole. She’s well known for living our favourite Firefish value #lovethefish and dives straight into all our fishy festivities, whether that’s dressing up on Halloween or just enjoying a delicious pancake on Pancake Tuesday.