December 11, 2019

Fish of the Year 2019

We Fishies love a party, so when December comes around, we get fired up for the biggest party in the Firefish calendar: our Fishmas extravaganza!


But Fishmas isn’t just about partying (although that’s the most important part of course). It’s also the night we recognize everyone’s hard work over the last year and crown our Fish of the Year!


Here’s how your favourite Fishies celebrated a fin-tastic 2019…


We were the sea-life of the party!


Our Fishmas master of ceremonies, Head of Happiness & Talent Manager Vicki, kicked off the night with our annual Fishmas quiz. She and her glamorous assistant Nick pulled off an amazing show, aside from the fact he turned up wearing Joanne’s outfit.


But who wore it best?


Joanne and Nick wearing the same dress
Growth Specialist Joanne and Firefish Videographer, Nick


There were some tough questions in there this year and the highlight was a race to see and how many marshmallows we can fit in our mouths (if you’re wondering, it was a lot!).  

Fishmas fun at the Aquarium


Our next stop was the Christmas market. As it turns out, the Fish love nothing more than a warm mulled wine and a singalong. Words can’t quite capture this beautiful moment, so just watch the video…

 10 points if you can name the song!

We crowned our Fish of the Year!


Although the other Christmas market guests were sad to see our carolers go, we had to get to Darcy’s for Fishmas dinner and to crown our Fish of the Year.


Fish of the Year is a really special award, as each member of the shoal votes for the Fish they feel has really lived our company values throughout the year and made our lives at Firefish better.


It was one of the closest years ever, as schools of our Fish had gone above and beyond in 2019. But one fishy had to win it, so without further ado this year’s Fish of the Years is….


Picture of Tommy - Fish of the Year
Application Support Team Lead – Tommy Nicito!

We’ve written a lot about Tommy in the news this year as he’s had so many fin-ominal successes, including winning Fish of the Month twice and being promoted from Senior Developer to Application Support Team Lead.


Here’s just some of the reasons Tommy’s fellow fish thought he should win Fish of the Year:


“This year, Tommy has demonstrated that he most definitely lives all our values and has proved that he is not just a highly skilled coffee maker, but an excellent developer, team leader and all-round Fish too!”


“For demonstrating our values, ‘be your customer’ and ‘love the fish’ - and he is always striving to do his best.”


“He's clearly #lovingthefish with his bubbly personality and amazing morning greetings. Firefish wouldn't be the same without him and he definitely deserves to be recognised!”


“Tommy has really lived up to the Firefish values… [and] I've personally really enjoyed working with him and I'm never bored when I am chatting to him!”


“Because he works hard, and he is always making sure his team is doing alright and achieving their objectives. Plus, there is always a space for a good laugh.”


Well done Tommy, truly well deserved!