Vicki Moir

Head of Happiness (Ops) & Talent Magnet

Aberdeen born and raised, Vicki loves anything that makes her laugh (a good thing when your job title includes the word 'Happiness'), Disney films and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. But we're nosy so just had to find out more...

Head of Happiness may just be the coolest job title around, right?

I do love it!  I work in an operational role within Firefish looking after the day-to-day running of the Aquarium and cultivating our culture to ensure that our brilliantly talented team #lovethefish.  I'm also responsible for attracting the best talent to our Growth, Product and Customer Happiness teams, so it's a really fun and rewarding role.

Why do you #lovethefish? 

We have an amazing, growing team and a first class product - it's brilliant seeing everyone thrive and being part of something so exciting.

You’re not in the office - what are you up to?

I'm a bit of a foodie so love eating out or trying to whip up new creations at home, particularly Greek dishes I've tried on holiday.  I also love films and going to the theatre - you can't beat a cheesy musical!  

Everyone does it - what song do you belt out when you think no one can hear?

Oh I love Prince! Anything discotastic, a bit of rock or a power ballad and I'll be singing.

And finally, tell us something that we’d be surprised to know about you? 

Despite the fact that I probably seem rather obsessed with my cat (Hugo - he's gorge!) I'm actually a total dog person.  I didn't know how to train a kitten, so I've now got a cat who acts a bit like a dog!