Vicki Moir

Head of Happiness

Aberdeen born and raised, Vicki loves unicorns (a good thing when your job title includes the word 'Happiness'), Disney films and Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Clutter ice-cream. But we're nosy so just had to find out more...

Head of Happiness may just be the coolest job title around, right?

Yes! But it's a pretty serious role, too! I head up the Happiness team, who make sure Firefish friends and users have an awesome onboarding experience and superb support. I focus on ensuring no-one's left treading water and are all swimming to success long term by identifying where and how they can maximise on their data and really push their business forward. 

Why do you #lovethefish? 

My favourite part of my role is working with our fabulous users to help them achieve greatness through Firefish and seeing their business(es) thrive as a result! 

You’re not in the office- what are you up to?

I ride unicorns to the end of rainbows and swim with mermaids... and when I'm not doing those things I'll go to the cinema or theatre. I'm a bit of a foodie so love eating out or trying to whip up new creations at home. 

Everyone does it- what song do you belt out when you think no one can hear?

Oh I love Prince! Anything discotastic, a bit of rock or a power ballad and I'll be singing.

And finally, tell us something that we’d be surprised to know about you? 

This may come as a shock to many but until recently, I was not a cat person. Nope, not a fan at all. Now, I'm a very happy cat owner. How times have changed!