July 28, 2016

Work Hard, Play Hard!

'Big Summer Blowout'

Life in the Aquarium – we know how to work (hard!) but when the need calls, we know how to play hard too! So after a full on, hectic first half of the year we decided the time was right for a ‘Big Summer Blowout’, queue the space hoppers and hula hoops!

The infamous Fish Bar opened for business, the games began and things quickly descended into chaos – classic Firefish night out! After a few rounds of space-hoppering, the team unanimously demanded a ‘Battle of the Directors’…well! If you’re familiar with the phrase ‘all the gear and no idea’ you might have an idea how this ended…

The Firefish Software Team relax in the Aquarium on Spacehoppers

Luckily, all of the directors have agreed not to give up the day job! A few drinks later and everyone was back on their feet (if a little wobbly!) and it was off to the local pub. But being Firefish, the madness didn’t end there. Our trusted games-master William had left us some ‘magic beans’ – if by magic he meant bean roulette. Pick a bean, and it’ll either be say chocolate (yum!) or…dog food! Tropical or vomit, lime or bogey…you get the idea!

Bruised, broken and with bogey flavoured breath we decided to call it a night, safe to say their might have been a few sore heads on Saturday morning! Until next time, space hopper foes…

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