May 24, 2018

We are the Best Recruitment CRM system!

We've had a swimmingly amazing week with lots of things happening in the Aquarium (and out)! Here's what we've got up to:



We won! Firefish Software is o-fish-ally the Best Recruitment CRM at the Recruitment International UK Supplier Awards 2018. It was an incredible honour to bring this award home, since it was voted for by our customers - a big THANK YOU to all our users for supporting us!


Firefish Software Best Recruitment Software 2018 Recruitment International Awards


GDPR is also finally here and we hope you're all ready for the new regulations. At Firefish we've been really busy and already in great shape to provide our customers with a GDPR-ready recruitment process and methodology. Our Fish from the Dev Team recap what's been happening in the last few weeks with a little story:


"The Devship of the GDPR

Once upon a time there was a dev team from Firefishland...
They were plagued by the nefarious Wicked Witch of the GDPR, who cast evil personal information restriction spells on the poor folk of recruitment. The courageous dev team did not like this and united to overcome these bureaucratic enchantments.
They journeyed day and night to destroy the witch, traversing the Fiery Pits of Legal Plugins, fighting through the Forests of Removal Requests, crossing the mighty Candidate Agreement River and finally climbing the Great Mountain of CV-Previews.
Atop the Great Mountain, the mighty devs finally arrived. Exhausted, traumatised and seeking only to return to their normal awesome programming activities, the devs rallied and called out for the Wicked Witch of the GDPR to emerge and meet her fate.  Dark clouds gathered overhead, lightning struck all around the devs, but they held fast until from the mist atop the mountain, the Witch slithered into sight, hurling magical signs of lawsuit threats.
Together, the devs deflected the dark GDPR magic with teamwork, resilience and the pure ancient light magic of C#.  At last, the Wicked Witch of GDPR retreated to her cave, swearing her return would signal the end of the Internet, or at the very least, Facebook. The mighty devs laughed, sheathed their swords and laptop chargers and declared the land free of current and future personal data violations.
And for eons after this great journey, the good folk of Firefishland would forever acclaim on the eve of Release Day:
“All hail the dev team!”"


A little bit of praise goes a long way...

It's always great to be recognised for something you love doing! So we're thrilled to be receiving so many nice comments from our customers. This is why they #lovethefish:


Good feedback from Firefish users

We'll be back soon with more news and updates. Until then, keep swimming!