November 4, 2014

#tru comes to Scotland - Hard Rock Cafe September 2014

Firefish Software to sponsor the first event

Tru Logo

Gathering in the iconic Hard Rock Cafe attendees will take part in the event where they are the conversation. An array of experts in the field of recruitment drawn from all sectors will drive discussion, or tracks, to get recruiters thinking and most of all talking. The schedule will consist of no fewer than 18 discussion tracks across 6 hourly time slots.

View the schedule for #truScotland

What makes a #tru event different?

Discussions are driven by track leaders, not speakers, there are no powerpoint or prezi presentations to doze off to.  Each track is engaging and open to all to take part.

Each attendee can contribute as much or as little as they want.  It's a great opportunity to share ideas and take lots of notes.

Taking place on 9th September 2014, register to be kept up to date the #truScotland event or follow them on Twitter @TRUScotland