November 15, 2019

Promotions in the Aquarium

We’ve just had a flood of promotions here at the Aquarium and we’re buzzing to put our Focus Day objective into practice and celebrate their success! We’re shell-ebrating eight promotions in total across three of our four Firefish teams.


Check out our fin-ominal promotees below...

Customer Team

Our award-winning customer team do an awesome job of onboarding new users onto Firefish and providing ongoing support to ensure our customers are always swimming to success.


We're delighted to celebrate four star-fishy promotions within the Customer team:


Head of Success & Support – Andy Gardner

Our favourite rugby-playing Geordie has been part of the shoal for nearly two years now, and throughout his Firefish journey he’s proved himself to be as ‘successful’ a Customer Success Champion as we could ask for!


Andy's passionate about ensuring that our customers have the best experience possible with Firefish, an as Head of Success & Support he's there to help our Success Champions and Support Specialists in making sure they continue to provide the award-winning service our customers deserve.


Congrats Andy, or should we say, ‘wey aye, ya belta!’


Senior Data Analyst - Marguerite Guibourg

Our amazing Marguerite joined the shoal a year and a half ago as Junior Data Analyst.


Since starting in the Aquarium, our Parisienne prodigy has help loads of agencies migrate their data to Firefish so they can dive right into using our software without a hitch. We don’t know where we’d be without her, so promoting her to Senior Data Analyst was a total no-brainer.


Congrats Marguerite, or should we say, ‘bien joué, notre petit poisson!’


Senior Recruitment Data Specialist - Scott Banner 

Suitably named, Scott from Scotland has been at Firefish for just over a year as a Recruitment Data Specialist and in that short time, he’s made a huge impact. He’s helped loads of clients swim to success, working with them to ensure all their data is in the right place and easy to use.


Because of his consistently amazing work, he’s being promoted to Senior Recruitment Data Specialist!


Congrats Scott, or should we say, 'nice one, pal!' 


Senior Support Specialist - Scott Sorbie 

And as if one Scott from Scotland wasn’t enough, we’re also celebrating Scott Sorbie being promoted to Senior Success Specialist!  


Scott is a really integral member of the Firefish Customer team, as he’s totally dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best support possible at all times – and we have the awards to prove it.

Congrats Scott, or should we say, 'yas, ya dancer!' 


Growth Team

Our Growth Team does a brilliant job of showing the recruitment world how Firefish can change the way you recruit.

Our Growth promotees have been absolutely fin-ominal at bringing in new Friends of the Fish, and if you’re already swimming happily with Firefish, you’ll know these familiar faces…


Head of Sales Outreach – Alan McFadden

Since Glasgow local, Alan joined Firefish, he’s instigated a lot of changes and positive growth for the company and inspired our tagline, ‘Change the way you recruit. Forever.’


Alan has brought so much to the company, so we’re really excited to announce that he’ll be leading sales outreach for the Growth team!


Congrats Alan, or should we say, ‘well in, big man!’


Senior Growth Specialist - Joanne Causer

Wonderful Weegie (Glaswegian) Joanne is also taking a leap forward in her Firefish journey, as she’s promoted to Senior Growth Specialist.


As Senior Growth Specialist, she is the lynchpin between marketing and sales, helping the entire Growth team work as one cohesive unit. Joanne has loads of experience with both marketing and sales - and she's written some of our most successful blogs. 


Congrats Joanne, or should we say, ‘on yer sel', hen!’


Product Team

Our Product Team keep Firefish at the cutting edge of recruitment software.

Their innovative and agile approach to software development ensures we’re software is always ahead of the game. 


Head of Fast-Track & Application Support, Natasha Shaurek

Our Macedonian marvel, Natasha has been swimming in the Aquarium for a whopping seven and a half years (almost as long as there’s been an Aquarium)! This is her fourth Firefish promotion and she's now not only head of our Fast Track team of developers, but our Application Support team too!


With this promotion, Natasha will be overseeing both the Fast-Track and Application Support Team.


Congrats Natasha, or should we say, ‘Честитки’ (we really hope Google Translate is right for this one)!


Application Support Team Lead – Tommy Nicito

Tommy swam all the way to our Glasgow-based Aquarium from bella Italia (the country, not the restaurant) five years ago and the shoal has never been the same since – and not just because he banned pineapple pizzas. 


Tommy brought his serious software development skills to the shoal, and has now been promoted to Team Lead in Application Support, who release new features and improvements every week.


Congrats Tommy, or should we say, ‘ben fatto!’



And a huge cod-gratulations again to all of our promotees – without you all, Firefish would not be as fin-tastic as it is!