November 1, 2021

A Fin-omenal Month of Promotions and Awards

Firefish Awards and Promotions!

There was a lot of success and progress to celebrate at Firefish this October!

Thanks to some fin-nominally talented Fish we’ve dished out some internal promotions and are also very happy to announce we made it onto this year’s Northern Tech Top 100 list!

All the successes in October have been a testament to the great work being done here at Firefish. So what have we been up to? Let’s dive in…

Northern Tech Awards 2021

As well as helping recruiters fill their roles, we’ve had a very busy year filling our own vacancies!  Throughout 2021 we’ve welcomed a number of talented new Fish to the shoal across all our teams and as we head into the final part of the year, we’re still growing!

Our rapid company growth is something that has been recognised once again by GP Bullhound as we made it onto this year's list of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in the North of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Northern Tech Awards 2021 Cover Image

This is a huge achievement for us, especially as we are one of only a handful of Scottish tech companies to make this year’s shortlist.

Being recognised by the Northern Tech Awards reflects all the fin-tastic work put in by our team that has helped us grow the business even in a pandemic. This year’s award winner and final list rankings will be revealed on Tuesday 9 November 2021. We can’t wait to see the final list!

Fish swimming to the top

At Firefish we have career journey check-ins every six months. During this time, we give our Fish the chance to talk through their achievements from the past six months and set their goals for the next six.

This helps us recognise the hard work that our team members put in and also gives us plenty of opportunity to celebrate success and dish out promotions to those ready to take the next step in their career journeys.  

Senior Product Experience Executive - Lewis Marasco

Lewis has been awesome in his role with the Product team and has excelled in his functional role since he joined Firefish two years ago. He’s focused his efforts on testing new features to make sure they’re brilliant for our customers as well as piecing top-notch guides to help them successfully swim around their Firefish system. Lewis also dived right into to his Focus Group bringing real value to his group from the word go.

Director of Operations – Richard Mullan

Richard was also promoted in October for his efforts leading our excellent Operations team. The team focus on recruiting new members of shoal, behind the scenes account operations and of course making Firefish a great place to work. We are pleased to announce Richard joins our previously all female board after being promoted to Director of Operations.