October 15, 2021

Focus Day and Birthday Extravaganza

Firefish Focus Day and Birthday Party!

This October, we were delighted to kick off our second Focus Day of 2021. As you may know, we come together as a shoal twice a year to learn what each Focus Group achieved over the last few months before setting our goals for the next six month.

Since our last virtual Focus Day, lockdown restrictions have eased and our Fish now regularly use the Hub. This meant Fish worked together both in-person and online taking full advantage of our hybrid working policy.

Microsoft Teams group call

Positive progress across the board 

Our Focus Groups have made amazing progress over the last six months – here are a few highlights.

The#lovethefish group set out to increase a sense of belonging here at Firefish. They focused their efforts on inclusion, organising our first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Video. They also helped us win Top Talent Tech Company to Work For 2021 - how’s that for progress!

The Keep Swimming group planned and coordinated our most recent Customer Webinar Series. The series allowed our customers to learn the best practices for using Firefish Software. It was such a success, that it pulled in the most registrations and attendees of a Firefish Webinar ever!


Moving on to our Get Back in the Fight group – the team were busy creating not one, but TWO brand new website templates for Firefish the 'Mahi Mahi' and 'Barracuda' designs. And finally, our Breaking Barriers group put in a lot of work to make one of our Firefish Community ideas come to life. They added the CV-Library Direct Apply feature which is now used by 22% more of our customers.

Fin-Omenally Focused Fish Awards

Once a month, our Focus Group Captains choose a Fin-Omenally Focused Fish but when Focus Day comes around it's time to look back at the last six months and crown the ultimate Fin-Omenally Focused. 

Our nominees this Focus Day were…

Get Back in the Fight – Cleyra

Cleyra from Firefish


Cleyra came to every single Focus Group meeting with new updates and ideas. Her overall contribution during this period has been amazing!


Breaking Barriers – Andy

Andy from Firefish

Andy is more of a behind the scenes kind of guy! He’s always working away on projects to ensure his group achieve their goals. He’s a great team player and always has valuable input.

#lovethefish – Tommy

Tommy from Firefish

Tommy is a great team player and always has ideas to bring to the group. He’s never too shy to raise his hand and point out areas that need improving. He has inspired many positive changes within Firefish in the last six months.

And finally… our winner!

Keep Swimming – Lewis

Lewis has owned every tasks within the Focus Group during the last six months. His team all agree he’s someone you can rely on. He’s always provided his team with insightful updates on the tasks he’d been working on andhe’s always game to get involved in group discussions. During the last six monthshe’s contributed some fantastic ideas, and all of this put together makes him our Fin-Omenally Focused Fish!

Pass the Parcel goes virtual

Once our Fish had worked out their new Focus Group objectives, it was time to play a game! For this Focus Day we played Pass the Parcel, with a virtual and tricky twist. Pass the Riddle is like pass the parcel except with each newly unwrapped layer our groups had to answer a riddle before moving onto the next layer in hope of winning their prize – a pizza jigsaw puzzle. Yet another riddle they had to complete to be crowned the winner.  

Firefish celebrates turning 11 ¾

This Focus Day was extra special this time around as it ended with a special birthday celebration. You might be thinking "why celebrate 11¾ birthday?" Well, this celebration was a long overdue 10th birthday! Until now, COVID-19 restrictions have meant we had to postpone.  

After wrapping up Focus Day, the Hub’s Fish Bar was open for business before everybody met at Glasgow’s Platform venue for the birthday celebration. Fish old and new came together and this time around brought some of their nearest and dearest along.

Focus Day 2021 Collage

The night was filled with laughing, dancing, drinking and eating – and thanks to Amy and Vicki we had a wonderful spread of wood-fired pizzas, Korean-fried chicken and cauliflower to feast on.  

No birthday party would be complete without a fin-tastic birthday cake, which our Chief Fish Wendy did the honours of cutting for us. All in all, we had another successful Focus Day that was made even more enjoyable with a late night of partying – we can’t wait to see what comes from the Focus Groups in the next six months. See you at the next one!