March 10, 2020

The First Firefish Focus Day of 2020!

Our first Focus Day of the year

Last Friday, we had our first Focus Day of 2020!

If you’re not familiar with the Firefish Focus Days, these are our bi-annual company strategy days where we get together to team-build, work out our objectives for the rest of the year and have some fun. You can learn more about our Focus Days here.

Celebrating success at Firefish 

We’ve seen some great successes with our last Focus Day objective which was, funnily enough, "Celebrating Success"!

And with the incredible start to the year we’ve had so far and the fact we’re celebrating our 10th birthday, we thought what better focus to have for the next six months than Celebrating (even more) Success.

Each team came together to brainstorm how they could continue celebrating their own achievements, as well as recognising the success of our customers and partners too.

Firefish Focus Day

Once a plan had been put in place, we came back together to recap on the previous six months and share what we’re our goals are moving forward.

Chris was the Jedi Master of Focus Day presentations…

It was our new CTO’s first Fishie Focus Day and I think it’s safe to say he put the biggest effort into his presentation…

He’s officially started a slide war at the Aquarium, and we can’t wait to see how the other presenters strike back at the next Focus Day!


Seeing double in the Aquarium

Of course, our wonderful remote Fish swam up to Glasgow to join us for Focus Day and our Operations Team realised it was important to make them feel like they're always part of the team here in the Aquarium...

And what better way than to actually have them here in the Aquarium every day!

Firefish remote workers with their doubles

It's safe to say there were a few frights on Monday morning when we noticed our remote Fishies’ cardboard counterparts smiling at us through the meeting room windows.

An axe-citing day for the Fish

Once we were finished with the team brainstorming session, company updates and had eaten our weight in pizza, everyone was axe-cited to set off to our group activity… axe hurling!

Firefish team photo at the axe hurling

After some tips from the pros helped us get into the swing of things, your favourite Fishies competed as their spirit animals… everything from dogs to an earth worm was covered (but really, we know we’re all Fish at heart).

After a friendly bit of competition, our sharp-witted software developer, Tony (no, not Tony the Tiger as you might expect... Tony the Badger!), proved he was a cut above the rest and was crowned axe-throwing champion.

It was a fin-tastic day full of fun, laughter and of course hard work! And we can't wait to see what we achieve in the next six months.