September 10, 2019

Focus Day: Celebrating Success

It's time to Focus!

Last Friday was our bi-annual Fishy Focus Day, when the company gets together for a full day of team updates, company insights, some brainstorming sessions – all finished up with a fun team-building activity.


If you’re not familiar with our awesome award-nominated Focus Days, you can read more about them in this blog that our Chief Fish Wendy wrote or watch this video….




Celebrating Success with Firefish

Our Focus topic for this session was ‘Celebrating Success’ (or should I say, ‘Shell-ebrating Success’) because, believe it or not, we’re about to turn 10 years old!


Your favourite fishies have been swimming to success for nearly a decade, and what a journey it’s been so far.


So, we decided to make celebrating success our company focus for the next few months – that’s not just our own success as a company (as fin-ominal as we are!) but celebrating all the awesome achievements of our team, our partners and our amazing customers too.


So expect lots of celebrating in the months ahead, and stay tuned to Firefish news to see how our plans pan out!







We flexed our mussels at Glasgow Climbing Centre 

Once the team were fueled up thanks to a delicious Firefish brunch feast oragnised by Vicki, we made our way to the Glasgow Climbing Centre to scale an old disused church!


Trust within teams was seriously tested when we were all paired up and each of us given responsibility of a fellow Fish’s life hanging from the ceiling by a harness… but luckily, everyone escaped unscathed aside from a few bruises and the occasional wedgie (don’t worry our hali-butts were fine!).  


Despite some sore arms in the following days, we all had a great time and we cant wait to implement our Focus Day objects over the next six months.