July 18, 2017

Making a Splash in 2017

We’re halfway through the year already, we can hardly believe it!  And it’s been a good six months at Firefish so far.  We’ve crunched the numbers and put together some snazzy stats to show what we’ve achieved.  Let’s take a quick swim through Firefish by numbers, shall we?


Firefish By Numbers Infographic


Phew! And we still have another six months to go!


The newest of our new starts is Joanne, our brand new Predictive Recruitment Specialist, working in the Growth team alongside Cameron.  She’s taken to her new role like a fish to water, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team.  Being mentored by Cameron hasn’t been purely plain sailing however.  To celebrate Wimbledon, our Head of Happiness Vicki organised our very own Fishledon.  We're never shy of a party, so it's any excuse for a few drinks, some snacks and some silliness!  When it came to student versus master in our Fishledon swingball tournament, Cameron pulled no punches against Joanne and claimed a speedy victory. 


Fishledon 2017 - Cameron v Joanne


Once all the Fish had played each other, it was a face off on the Happiness Team, with Ross versus Money Man Richard.  Whilst Richard put up a good fight, he was no match for Ross, who claimed the victory for his team.  To help everyone relax there was Pimms at the Fish Bar, and it was off into town afterwards for some celebration/commiseration drinks.


Fishledon Collage of Winners, Match and Drinks


Having just released the new version of our software, it’s full steam ahead to continue improving and developing more features for our clients.  This doesn’t mean the fun stops however!  We’re already filling up our social calendar with Fishy fun for the months to come.  Our Strategy Day is next up, where we all get together as a shoal and brainstorm ideas for the business.  You can watch what happened at our February Strategy Day here (it involves a lot of whiteboard markers, drinks and of course our giant deckchair).


If you think you could #swimwiththebest, keep up to date with all our latest vacancies and hiring chat on our Careers Twitter.


Or, if you just want to come and spend some time with the Fish, why not book a ticket to our #FutureOfRec event in November? We’re incredibly excited to welcome back Greg Savage to speak in Glasgow, and this time he’s bringing his brother Chris Savage to deliver a half-day seminar on how to be a future-fit recruiter.


If that’s not enough Firefish for you, book a swim around our system to take a peek at our new version and find out how we can help your recruitment agency make more placements and engage more candidates.