June 3, 2021

Our Chief Fish named most innovative woman in Recruitment

This week, Recruiter Magazine named our Chief Fish Wendy one of the most innovative woman in recruitment!

And while it may have come as a surprise to Wendy, it certainly wasn’t to any of us here at Firefish!

Wendy is constantly making waves and leading change within the recruitment space, be it through her legendary recruitment speaking events, hosting her popular recruitment Crowdcast or even just how she ensures Firefish is always adapting quickly to the changes in the recruitment market.

And the best part is, she’s so modest that she will absolutely hate that we’ve published this article about her. Sorry Wendy!

You can read the full article here, but we thought we’d take this opportunity to shout about just some of the ways we see Wendy innovating every day.

Content to #changethewayyourecruit

When she’s not running the business or demoing our software with agency owners looking to change the way they recruit, Wendy also does an awesome job of creating content to help recruiters stay innovative too.

Not only is she a guest speaker at multiple events every year, but she runs a recruitment Crowdcast, produces thought leadership content for our award-winning recruitment blog, and constantly helps agency owners navigate through change.

Did you see her CEO diary video series on leading recruitment businesses through Covid-19? If there’s a change in the market, Wendy will know all about it and she’ll take the time to communicate it to the wider recruitment market.

ceo diaries wendy mcdougall

Hybrid working

When the pandemic hit, Wendy was quick implement a permanent Work From Anywhere policy to allow all Fish to have more flexibility and a greater sense of belonging at Firefish.

As a team, we have worked so well remotely and the culture of trust has never been stronger.

Our WFA policy has worked extremely well for the business so far and has also given us the space to revamp our office into collaborative space we now call the Hub – you can check it out here.

Agile methodology

Before agile working was cool, Wendy had the whole of Firefish working in sprints towards specific goals.

Everything from our cross-divisional focus groups down to our team meeting structures have been outcome-focused for years, which made it easy for the business to adapt quickly to remote working.

As a business, we’re constantly taking inspiration from the tech world, applying it to Firefish and recruitifying it for our customers to adopt too.

If you’re interested in implementing an agile working methodology at your business, take a look at our agile recruiting eBook!