August 16, 2023

Firefish Updates July 2023

Discover Firefish Updates From July

Bulk Placements

Temp and Contract recruiters love our ATS workflows for managing their candidates through the hiring process and after the placementsis made. Using features like the contract roll-on and bulk extensions and terminations our recruiters are used to saving hours of admin on bulk actions.

In July we took this one step further by introducing bulk placements. This means that users can place multiple candidates on the same job at one time, what's more, all of the admin is automatically taken care of by Firefish. Once placed, each candidate will have their status and marketing preferences automatically updated by Firefish which will also generate send out confirmation emails for each placement to all relevant stakeholders.

2 Way API

The Firefish custom API is now 2-Way!

In July we upgraded our custom API integrations that allow agencies to set up any integration they wish with third-party software companies. Now when creating a new integration, agencies can not only pull data straight from their CRM, but also request that the third party write data back into records within Firefish.

This means that anything updated via the integration can now also be reflected on candidate, contact and company records automatically in Firefish.

Set Site Preferences

Our enterprise users love the ability to have separate secondary sites for their multiple recruitment businesses all whilst keeping the benefits of one Primary shared database full of rich candidate and client information.

Now we’ve given agencies the ability to make their secondary sites even more specialised and specific to their recruitment are of expertise, users can now toggle on and off which disciplines are available to view on each site.