May 16, 2023

Firefish Updates April 2023

Discover Firefish Software Updates From April!

April has been a busy month for the Firefish software development team. There have been three core focusses throughout the month, with new updates around company compliance, recruitment data reporting and postcode accuracy improvements.

Company Compliance Updates

In April Firefish revamped and upgraded the company compliance section on Job Vacancies and Company Records to make sure that recruiters only work with the companies with signed terms and completed credit checks.

This gives recruitment agencies and recruiters peace of mind that any roles they are working on are fully compliant, whilst automatically calculating the markup and projected sales of the vacancy based on the agreed terms and date of the placement.

What’s more, enterprise users can also set the stages at which the workflow requires authorisation, allowing recruiters to get ahead of the competition and begin working on vacancies whilst the compliance is carried out.

Company Compliance Section

Report Dashboard Improvements

Our live and dynamic reports dashboards are loved by recruiters, giving them access to the real time insights from inside their recruitment CRM. This month we have added a number of new fields and bolstered the amount of sales data available.

Firefish Software now includes a host of new UI improvements to allow recruiters to filter and compare date ranges with ease, building a more accurate picture of their performance. We’ve also added the ability to clone a report card to an existing dashboard or a new dashboard; making it easier to edit, share and engage with your data.

Reports Dashboard

Candidate & Client Postcode Improvements

In April we enhanced our ability to provide accurate postcodes and Zip codes by adding the USA, Canada and The Republic of Ireland to our Postcode and Radius searching.

This enables recruiters to identify the distance more accurately between a candidate and prospective employers. Alongside this improvement we have also increased the accuracy of our current postcode searching for UK based postcodes.

System settings