July 28, 2019

Firefish Sports Day 2019

Here at Firefish we love to stay fire-fit, so once a year our Head of Happiness, Vicki organises the Firefish Sports Day. This year, we put our best fins forward to conquer some old-school Sports Day activities. And let’s just say one of our Fish got more than they bargained for…

The Fish get physical on Sports Day

For Sports Day, Vicki planned a series of challenges, each more daunting than the last! After being split into teams, we jumped into the sack race, hobbled into the three legged race, had an egg-hausting egg and spoon race, and steadied ourselves for the bean-bag balance challenge. The two teams with the top scores then hopped to the finish line in the space hopper finale. 


Watch the video below to see how we got on. Spoiler alert: It got competitive. 

Sumo-one got what they deserved  

The first rule of Firefish Sports Day is: You don't ask Vicki what she's planning (she likes to surprise us on the day)! If you don’t take this rule seriously, you might end up like our newly promoted Head of Design, John. Because of John’s persistent questioning, he was told we would be having a pogo stick race in sumo suits - and believed it (really John?!).


As you can see below, with the help of some cod-spirators, Vicki even got him into a sumo suit!


To punish John for being sneaky, he was told he had to play all the games in the sumo suit. 

But luckily, (or strategically!) the suit didn't survive the sack race, meaning John was able to compete sumo free for the rest of the day.

Sumo-one also got promoted!

Just before Sports Day kicked off, it was o-fish-ally announced that our favourite sumo, John McInall has been promoted to Design Lead at Firefish.

He will now be in charge of optimising and redesigning our website (hopefully wearing regular clothes)! 


Fish of the Month 

At the Aquarium we love to celebrate our Fish and this month we're celebrating our Digital Marketer, Amy McLaughlin.

Although Amy has only been at Firefish for two months, she’s made a huge impact across all our social media platforms and has completely revamped our Instagram (or 'Fin-stagram', as we like to call it). 


You can also check out our TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook pages to see the ex-squid-it job Amy has been doing.