February 7, 2023

Firefish Updates January 2023

Firefish Updates: January 2023

Reports Dashboard Upgrades

In last few weeks, we’ve released a few upgrades to our Reports Dashboards, adding several new fields. Firefish users can now analyse compliance activities carried out by recruiters in real-time, as well as identifying missing data required to make placements. This update includes the ability to report on reference tracking and right to work documentation as well as custom fields to filter by industry or role specific qualifications.  

We’ve also added more fields into the Jobs module and continued to tweak and improve the UI.  

Compliance Reports Dashboard with Graphs

Further updates to our Reports Dashboards now mean that you can bring sales figures into the report’s dashboards. Recruiters can now accurately see how much revenue is currently in their pipeline and how much has been placed or closed.  

We’re also working on more sales figures updates, so watch this space!

Dashboard showing sales figures graph

Web Template Improvements

Our web development team have been working on improving the User Interface of some of our most popular website templates, making it even easier to manage the content and branding of your recruitment website, all from within your CRM.  

settings page for web branding

More Additional Rates for Contractors

We’ve also increased the capability of both our temp and contract recruitment workflows by increasing the number of additional charge rates that can be applied to existing contracts to reflect overtime, weekend, or shift work. This gives recruiters more flexibility to include up to 15 additional rates and the ability to toggle these by day or per hour for cases where contractors may be paid by the hour whilst also having a daily allowance for meal or accommodation costs.  

Job Page with contractor rates