June 24, 2021

Firefish EURO 2021 quiz

For the first time in 23 years, Scotland is taking part in a major football tournament this month as against all odds, we qualified for EURO 2021!

So, as a recruitment software business born and bred in Scotland, we’re just a little bit excited.

While the rest of Europe was glued to the UEFA Euro matches, the Fish were taking part in their own competition: a Scotland-themed quiz night!  

screenshot of zoom call with stadium

Scotland quiz night

If you’re a Firefish client, you’ll know Scott as Team Lead of Firefish Support, but for one night only, he played quizmaster along with Head of Product Experience, Ross.

We were all treated to a fun (and informative!) evening of being tested on our knowledge of all things Scottish; from geography to history and, of course, the Proclaimers!

Boys in Kilts with photoshopped faces
(Not the Proclaimers!)

One of the many wonderful things about Firefish is the diversity of our shoal. We have Fish from all corners of the globe, so the quiz wasn’t just fun – it taught us all (Scottish Fish included!) lots of really interesting facts about the birth home of our Software.  

Impressively, there were no Eurovision-esque “nil points” situations for any of the players.  A special shout out goes to Emmanuel, who only moved to Scotland from Nigeria four months ago but still managed to know more about Scotland than some of us who have lived here our whole lives.

In the end, just like in all the best games, it was a draw.  Louise and Vicki tied at the top, winning team points for the Customer and Operations teams respectively.  

We’ll find out who’s lifted the Team of the Year trophy at Fishmas, but in the meantime we’re all looking forward to our next Fishy so-shoal!