July 5, 2022

New Feature: Job Board Credit Management

Control Job Board Spend Across Your Agency

Overspending can cause serious problems for recruitment businesses of all shapes and sizes and as a business leader, having the tools to control expenditure is crucial for your success. In the current economic climate, it's vital that you allocate job board budgets to the channels and recruiters delivering tangible results without risking overspend.

Introducing: Job Board Credit Management🎉

Firefish Job Board Management

Control costs across your integrated Job Boards by limiting the amount your recruiters can post on a monthly or weekly basis all within your CRM. Save time by multi-posting and save money by limiting the number ad credits allocated to each user.

Why it's important?

As prices around the world continue to rise, our clients have seen a material increase in job board expenditure. To ensure Firefish users are best-placed to control expenditure whilst still achieving results, we have upgraded the functionality of our Job Board multi-poster to give System Administrators a higher level of control. Meaning they can limit the number of credits recruiters get for each job board all from one central point

How does it work?

Simply connect your integrated job boards for multi-posting through Firefish.

Select your total number of credits allocated to that Job Board on a weekly or monthly basis.

Allocate credits to each recruiter in your team or allow them to use an unlimited portion of the total board allocation.

Saving your teams time with multi-posting whilst avoiding overspend.

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