Job Board Multi-posting

Take the hassle out of boosting your job adverts to all major job boards with Firefish.

One-click job posting

Firefish integrates with all major UK job boards so you can post adverts to all your favourite job boards and social channels from one system with just a click.

Write your job advert once, then post to your own recruitment website and across multiple job boards in one go!

See all our current job board partners on the Firefish integrations page.

Direct Apply feature

Within hours of posting your job, you’ll see applications start to trickle straight into your CRM from any job boards that have the Direct Apply feature.

Direct Apply means candidates only have to apply once, as all information is fed straight into Firefish without you lifting a finger.

Firefish then takes care of the admin - managing duplicates, matching applications to existing records and highlighting new candidates.

Automatic GDPR compliance

For any new candidates entering your CRM from a job board application, Firefish will automatically trigger a GDPR compliance workflow to protect your recruitment database.

The candidate will enter your CRM under the legal basis ‘Legitimate Interest’ and Firefish will automatically generate a GDPR consent email so you don't have to think about it.

This email doubles up as an opportunity to get the candidate signed up to job alerts and pushes them through to their candidate engagement portal.

Candidate source control

Firefish automatically tracks every applicant that enters your CRM from job boards so you can see exactly which channel they’ve come from.

You can then use the job board source data you hold to make decision based on which job boards are performing best.

That way, your recruiters can focus on the job boards that are bringing in a constant flow of candidates that convert to placements.

Here's what our customers think of Firefish job board multi-posting...

The functionality is excellent, it's easy to use and integrates well with job boards.

Natalie Bird, Director.

My favourite aspects of Firefish are the ease of integration and multi-posting to job boards

Anthony McCormack, Managing Director.

"You can upload jobs very easily and post links to your preferred social media sites."

Clare McDonnell, Partner

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