October 20, 2015

Welcome to the Club, HR Consultancy!

The first rule of Firefish Club is, you don't talk abo- aye right! We're shouting from the rooftops about the latest addition to the Firefish fold! The fact they're our fellow weegies... that just makes it even better. 

HR Consultancy

After twenty years as one of Scotland's leading recruitment businesses, HR Consultancy have their sights firmly set on an innovative future with plans for major expansion and growth. The team are focused on delivering the best service to everyone (candidates and clients alike) through fresh, engaging measures- they sure sound like our type of people! HR Consultancy have been reviewing their CRM and marketing capability as they gear up to reach new levels of greatness. Their existing platform has served them well for eight years but HRC decided that with its innovative features and predictive recruitment ideology, Firefish Software® was the best solution for the new dawn (new day.. a new liiiiife... and I'm feelin' good!)

HR Consultancy Office

Firefish CEO Wendy is excited to welcome our newest clients on board: "It is important for Firefish to be aligned with winners and HR Consultancy are just that sort of company. Having 20 years previous history and desire to stay fresh and innovative with  the current times we can’t wait to begin working with them and to support them through this exciting transition period and beyond”.

HR Consultancy Staff in their Glasgow Office

So welcome to the club, HR Consultancy. Firefish may now be being used in over 25 countries, but we've never forgotten our Glasgow roots, nor do we take any of our new clients for granted. You're never 'just a client' at Firefish and we love helping to shape the recruitment industry with our predictive recruitment approach. Chief Growth Officer Alan echoes this sentiment: "It’s a huge endorsement of the flexibility and scalablity of Firefish that HR Consultancy and other medium size, multi-sector recruitment agencies, are choosing our predictive recruitment system”.