September 20, 2015

The Aquarium is Open. Officially.

“I name this ship Firefish. I wish success for her and all who sail in her!”

It’s been a long time coming, we talked about it for months on end and when we eventually got into our new office we wrote all about it. But we don’t do things by half at Firefish (we, like, invented the whole ‘drink like a fish’ thing) and so we just had to party with our pals from far and wide to celebrate the big move.

Firefish Software Aquarium Deckchair

Its Party Time

The team here put lots of effort into party planning – two of our number do have Events Management degrees- as we really wanted to show off our space at its best and to give our guests a taste of what it’s like to be part of the Firefish family and the culture we live here day in, day out. Our company values are: ‘strive to do your best’, ‘love the fish’, ‘be your customer’ and ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ and we’re pretty sure we captured the essence of each at our Housewarming.

Firefish Software Housewarming - Whiteboard

We were so excited to welcome everyone and although we’ve had a few visitors since we got here in August, we managed to keep some surprises up our sleeves for the big night. The giant deck chair was even a surprise to some of the staff so that was a definite winner. We could have bought a normal couch but that’s just not how we roll at Firefish…

Firefish Software Housewarming Guests in Deckchair

Like all the best house parties, the kitchen was party central with the champagne, beer and cocktails flowing! The beer fridges went down a storm but as the staff were eager to tell our guests, they weren’t just a temporary addition for the party. We work hard and play hard here- swing by for beer o’clock sometime?

Firefish Software Housewarming Party Snacks

Another hit was the caricaturist we had booked. Tommy is talented beyond belief and blew our minds with his digital iPad caricatures. He’s the only artist of his kind in Scotland so we were delighted to have him and our guests loved his creations.

Firefish Software Housewarming Caricature Artist

Our CEO Wendy’s speech was a testament to how far this little Glasgow tech company has come. In the past few years we’ve won numerous awards, been recognised and praised by the recruitment industry and are now used in over 25 countries worldwide.

Firefish Software Housewarming - Wendy McDougall

It really was a ‘wow’ moment and this point in the evening was a nice reflection for all of our team to take stock and be proud of themselves and their efforts. The Firefish family rock!

Firefish Software Housewarming - Wendy McDougall and Bill Boorman cut the ribbon

With that, Bill Boorman announced that the Aquarium was officially open for business. We didn’t do the whole red ribbon across the door thing but with Firefish balloons everywhere, it was easy to improvise for this super important, ceremonial occasion.

Firefish Software Housewarming - Vicki and Cassandra

The entire Firefish team, Wendy and Andrew would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate and party with us into the wee small hours. It’s a night we won’t forget for a while, we promise you that.

Firefish Software Housewarming - Wendy McDougall in the deckchair

There are pictures from our event photographer on our Facebook page and from the caricaturist, too.