October 8, 2015

Showing Our Wares at the Showcase

Nope, it's not like Crufts for fish so we didn't come away with a rosette for shiniest fins but the UK Recruiter Technology Showcase was a superb day for the Firefish Software® team.

Firefish Software at UK Recruiter Technology Showcase

The entire office has been hitting the keys hard this week and making massive dents in our workloads- what is it about this time of year? Not that we're complaining, though. This week has ended on a high with the Growth team taking a trip to London to talk all things Firefish at the Tech Showcase. The Firefish stand was busy from the get-go which we were absolutely loving... all those people wanting to hear about our product and our ideas? Step right this way! 

Who Is Ready for the Speed Pitch

For most people, the highlight of this event is always the speed pitches. Our CEO, Wendy, took the helm for Firefish and had the room captivated as she spoke passionately (and quickly, the pitches are timed -eek!) about Firefish growth and our predictive recruitment methodology. If you're a friend of Firefish, you'll know we've been talking about predictive recruitment in our webinars, demos, pitches, social and online since earlier this year but it's great to keep spreading this message. We love watching peoples' minds 'click' as they get on board with our idea and buy into this innovative approach and way of thinking. We have some exciting plans to share this message more widely so we'll keep you updated as that develops. Firefish truly is the home of predictive recruitment and we're so proud of how our wee idea is spreading its wings   fins and changing how recruiters think and operate for the better! 

Firefish Software at Technology Showcase

The Tech Showcase always gives us the chance to catch up with familiar faces and to meet new ones and this event was no different. Believe it or not, competitors can be friendly folk (most of the competitive banter is just exactly that) and people were so encouraging of us and our product. Awww shucks, thanks guys! We've been growing; tripling in size and really going global in more than 25 countries. We'll continue to work hard to deliver the great product and amazing customer happiness that has made us such a hit with SME agencies around the world. While it's great for potential customers to meet suppliers face to face and have questions answered and demos completed in person, we relish the opportunity to gather feedback on our product and we were overwhelmed with the #lovethefish love swimming around the event. 

Special Shout out

We also need to give a special shout out to another supplier who was pitching on the day, one of our partners Westtek. Francis West, the lively South African behind the company, is a true gent and helped us out getting set up in the venue so our demos and show-and-tells ran smoothly throughout the day. Westtek are a beloved partner but the first-hand experience of their brilliant service has endeared them to us even more. 

Cammy McLennan does a demo at the UK Recruiter Showcase

After the pitches, we were swarmed with people wanting to demo and swim around our software and see its predictive recruitment capabilities there and then. If you didn't get the chance to speak to us on the day, why not book a demo for a date and time that suits you? 

A massive thank you is reserved for Louise Triance and the team at UK Recruiter who made the day so brilliant for all in attendance. We sometimes have a go at organising events so we know how much effort went into this day and it is very much appreciated. We flew back to Glasgow feeling all warm and fuzzy and that happy-kind-of-tired you feel after a long, successful day. 

You can check out the chat and pictures from the event on the #recnet stream on Twitter.