April 22, 2020

Firefish Launches Campaign to Support Redundant Recruiters

Supporting the Recruitment Industry

Covid-19 has hit the recruitment industry hard. As recruiters around the world are losing their jobs and agencies fold, we’re expecting to see the industry shrink by as much as a third as a result of the outbreak.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Unlike the 2008 recession, which saw recruitment revenue drop by 30% over the course of eighteen months, the dip we’re seeing now has come fast and hard – and history has taught us that when the market dips fast, it bounces back quickly.

And the really good news is that the recruitment sector is predicted to be one of the first industries to bounce back, and we’re expecting a recruitment boom when we come out the other side of all this.

Here at Firefish, we believe the only way the industry will begin to repair is if those recruiters who have been made redundant for reasons out of their control are able to get back to doing the job they love.

Here’s how we’re helping them do just that…

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Supporting redundant recruiters to get back in the game

When the industry picks up again, there will be less competition and more candidates on the market than there’s been in years. This carves out an excellent opportunity for recruiters to start their own agency and take a cut of the pie!

With this in mind, we’ve designed a bespoke startup package to help those recruiters who have been made redundant (not furloughed) get their own recruitment agency up and running.

Our new specially-tailored Recruitment Startup package involves a 45% discount and no initial up-front cost so recruiters can get up and running as soon as possible with minimum risk.

The package includes a recruitment website, full professional CRM/ATS licence, an onboarding program and one-year access to their online training portal, Recruitment Startup Academy.

Our Chief Fish, Wendy McDougall has said...

As a recruitment software supplier, we are speaking with recruiters all day every day, so we can see what’s going on inthe industry more than anyone.

Right now, the recruitment industry is bleeding – but it will also be the first industry to bounce back and we’re expecting a real recruitment boom as soon as things start to pick up again.

There are thousands of excellent recruiters out there who have just lost their jobs due to reasons totally outwith their control, and we’re committed to helping them get back in the fight so they can continue doing what they love and help the industry recover as soon as possible.”

For full details on the Recruitment Startup package, see this page or drop our Fish Alan a message on LinkedIn for an informal chat.

If you’re a recruiter who’s been made redundant as a result of the virus, the Firefish team are here to help you #getbackinthefight!