February 14, 2022

Recruitment Agency Expo 2022

Firefish at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2022

Face-to-face events are back! It’s felt like a lifetime since we last packed up our stand, famous fish sweets and expo materials and hit the road. We’ve had lockdowns, industry uncertainly and much more, but this month our Growth team swam their way down to London for the 2022 Recruitment Agency Expo!

The Recruitment Agency Expo is amazing as it not only gives recruitment agency owners a chance to see our award-winning software in action but drives the rekindling of community throughout the industry. It’s no secret that it’s been a tough couple of years for recruiters around the world but the industry resilience and ability to adapt was evident from both attendees and exhibitors at this years Expo. It was also great to see so many attendees engaged with our Software and queuing up around our stand.

Firefish Recruitment Expo 2022

Making a splash at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2022

It wouldn’t be an Expo without a Masterclass Session from our Chief Fish! On the first day Wendy delivered a seminar on ‘Blasting Your Way Through 2022 with the Best Recruiter Tactics’ in front of a packed audience.

With the recruitment industry forecasting a return to strong growth in 2022. Wendy’s session covered how to focus on the things that make you money, how to align your sales and marketing for maximum impact, and how to measure what’s working and ditch what’s not.

Firefish Seminar 2022

To discover how Firefish can help change the way you recruit, enabling you to make 25% more placements and drive an increase of 200% in candidate engagement, arrange a demo with our recruitment experts.