February 17, 2016

One TEAM, One Excellent Conference

Cards on the table, the Firefish family don’t exactly fit the traditional ‘conference mould’. You see, we know they can be a bit boring and maybe we’re a bit too ‘out there’ at times to sit quietly and be spoken at or pretend we’re not only visiting a stand for the free swag (you can never have too many pens and USB sticks, can you?).


TEAM Conference Speaker

TEAM Network Is No Different

So you’ll understand that if we’re at a conference, it’s probably because it’s a helluva good one. The annual TEAM Network Conference is no different. After having a ball last year (but not staying for the actual post-conference ball) we were back in 2016 and ready for more fun and to see what our fellow members had in store. Boy, we were not disappointed.

Wendy McDougall at the TEAM Conference

We brought the Fish Tank back this year to the gorgeous surroundings of Whittlebury Hall. An added bonus was that our pal Julia Doherty from Green Umbrella joined us for a swim and to lead a talk on ‘Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing’.  Wendy was looking into her crystal ball with her ‘Predicting Your Future’ sessions – even featuring fortune teller fish. Y’know, that age old, tried and tested method of guaranteeing jobs on and a fresh crop of candidates? Told you, we do things differently at Firefish. Alan is our Chief Growth Officer so he knows a thing or two about sales and his topic for the morning and afternoon sessions was ‘Upgrade Your Sales Technique for 2016’.

Images from the TEAM Conference

Our Predictive Recruitment Specialist Andy was on hand to chat about the product and our partnership program with attendees and the ever-smiley Head of Happiness Vicki had a lovely time catching up with current clients and showing newbies what we’re all about. Networking-wise; this is such a brilliant conference. We always travel to events with the hope of seeing old and new faces but this time we really had the chance to say 'hi' to all the MVPs of recruitment. The evening dinner dance wasn’t just an opportunity to ‘gie it laldy!’ [translation for our non-Scots pals: to celebrate with great gusto- Ed.] but we could sit down and have proper conversations with everyone in attendance. The TEAM approach to a conference is so far from stuffy and corporate; the relaxed atmosphere meant the banter was flowing! Unfortunately, when you’re a fish, you tend to drink like one so we’ll be relying on the proper event photography to cherish the memories of this night. Our cameras were full of selfies that ain’t nobody got time for.

The Firefish Stand at the TEAM Conference

This Valentine’s weekend, we definitely felt the love from the TEAM network. The event was so well planned and the quality of speakers (not just blowing our own trumpets, we mean everyone) was incredible. We came back to Glasgow on Saturday with pockets full of business cards and ideas swimming around our brains. TEAM events seem to just have that effect. If you’ve been missing out, we’d absolutely recommend joining TEAM- plus, they just got a fancy schmancy new website so have a look and find out more on this amazing network.

The Firefish Crew at the TEAM Conference

If you want to find out more about our product, our speaking topics or what other events we’ll be showing face at; get in touch or drop us a tweet. We don't bite- we’re not sharks.