November 2, 2023

October Focus Day

Focus Day

We had our October Focus Day in our Glasgow Hub and it was fin-ominal day for the whole Shoal! Everyone loves the opportunity to get together, collaborate, and work towards common goals to drive Firefish forward, as a product and a business.

My favourite part of the day is getting updates on all the great work done in Focus Groups over the past six months.

Our Focus Groups are cross-functional teams, that look at a particular area of the business, and how we can improve it. Every member of the Shoal gets the chance to voice their thoughts and suggest changes, so it’s a fin-ominal way to get everyone involved!

The Shoal had a great time, getting together in our new Focus Groups, participating in twisting tower team-building activities, and getting our ideas flowing on what we’re going to achieve in the next six months!

We also had our first sessions in our new Focus Groups. It was fin-ominal to see everyone bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating to find paths to solutions and new ideas. We love to allow each Fish to have their voice heard and make a real difference in the company. We make and lead the changes that we, and our clients, want to see, which is fin-tastic!

Fish Factor Time!

What better way to round out a fin-tastic Focus Day than putting on our very talent show? From singers to guitar players, masters of the spoken word to a questionable fish quiz, all manner of talent was on display across the Fish Factor!

Massive props to the Directors, or should I say Danni, Simon, Louis, Cheryl and of course, Ant and Dec, for getting in the Firefish Spirit of the day! But of course, we can only crown one winner, the ultimate talented Fish, and that award went to Drew Hales, our Product Experience Technical Expert! Turns out our Product Experience Team are very talented indeed, with Gerard Smith taking second plan and Lewis Marasco clinching third.

Who knew the Shoal were so talented?!

It was best event we've had in a while. Really good night…I am a Far Flung Fish, and attending Focus Days and Socials is my favourite time of the year…I laughed so much that my jaw was hurting from laughing!...It was a great day, really well organised and I wanted for nothing!

And the winner is….

With another cycle of Focus Groups closing, it's time to share our Fin-ominally Focussed Fish! We award the Fin-ominally Focussed Fish to the person who has made the biggest impact over the last three months to their Focus Group.

I am delighted to announce that our Fin-ominally Focussed Fish for our last cycle of Focus Groups, is David Connolly! David has been instrumental in driving not only the Focus Group but the whole company forward. He’s put in some effort delivering content back to the group week after week and keeping the enthusiasm high, so it's fin-tastic to see that rewarded! That’s back-to-back wins for David now; I wonder if anyone will take the crown from him in January?

It'll be Fishmas time before we know it; check back in with us soon to see what else the Shoal have been up to!