November 28, 2019

Firefish Product News: Google for Jobs API

Millions of job seekers turn to Google when looking for their next job. In fact, there are more than 300 million employment-related Google searches every single month. That’s a whopping one-third of all Google searches! 


Therefore, it’s no surprise that recruiters are doing everything they can to get their jobs ranking on Google for Jobs so they can hook in some of these active candidates.


At Firefish, we’re constantly improving our integration with Google for Jobs to ensure candidates find our recruiters’ jobs first. So we’re ex-bream-ly excited to announce our latest innovation to Firefish’s Google for Jobs integration – the Google API Index.


Google API Index

The new Google API index alerts Google the moment you post, update or close a job so it’s immediately ‘scraped’ to be published or updated on the Google for Jobs platforms.


Most recruiters will have to wait until Google decides to scrape their jobs pages before anything happens, meaning it can take weeks until their ads appear on the Google for Jobs platform (by which time, a lot of their jobs will already be closed).


This is no longer a problem for recruiters using Firefish, as the new Google API Index alerts Google when you post, update, or close a job so Google can immediately scrape your website and update Google for Jobs accordingly.


This means candidates can easily find and apply to your jobs first!


Customisable 404 pages

We’ve also improved how you’re able to manage job pages for roles that are already placed or closed.


When you close a job, the webpage becomes a 404 page that candidates can still find on Google if they perform a relevant search.  When a candidate clicks on these 404 pages and realise the job is already closed, it’s likely they’ll go back to Google and click through to a job that isn’t yours – meaning you could easily lose out on a great candidate.


But this is not a problem for Firefish users, as we’ve created customisable 404 pages that direct candidates to similar open positions that you’re recruiting for, to massively increase the chances of them applying to a similar job with you instead of leaving your website.


Watch our latest product video to see how our Google for Jobs API Index and customisable 404 pages work in action: