September 28, 2021

New KPI/Line Graph Feature

New KPI/Line Graph on Firefish

We’ve recently added 2 new reports to our report’s dashboard. It's important for us to continue to update our reports dashboard and bring our users the most up to date ways to report on the data.

You are now able to view your KPIs by total activity, individual user or in our new line graph.

KPI Update

We have updated the KPI card to give users more insight into where the KPI information is coming from. The KPI card will now be presented broken down by user or activity to show more information.


When clicking on the KPI, a report will pop up displaying the data that has made up the KPI details shown in the card.


New Line Graph Card


We have added a new card type in the reports dashboard, this new option is under card type and called Line Graph.


This view enables users to view and compare their data over ma specific time span. This allows users to highlight a specific user or activity they want to see on the line graph.

Watch the full video to find out more:



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