October 6, 2021

Firefish Celebrates National Inclusion Week

National Inclusion Week was started to ensure employers ‘celebrate everyday inclusion in all its forms’. This year it ran from 27 September – 3 October marking its 9th edition. Here at Firefish we came together with other Inclusive Employers to champion inclusivity in the workplace.  

Let’s celebrate 

Over the past few months, our #lovethefish Focus Group made it a priority to ensure our Glassdoor profile was fully up to date. This is an essential step to providing future Fish all the information they need to get a feel for what it’s like to work here at Firefish. During Inclusion Week we shouted about our Glassdoor profile on our social pages to let the world know we proudly champion inclusivity.  

Our #lovethefish Focus Group has also been working towards achieving an ‘Open Company’ badge with Glassdoor. This badge shows that we are fully transparent with your employee feedback - something that can be quite scary to share with the world - but we couldn’t be prouder with the feedback from our Fish on our Glassdoor profile. The feedback features alongside up-to-date company information, updates and Firefish photos that showcase our company culture. 

#Lovethefish take on the inclusion quiz

The#lovethefish Focus Group spent an afternoon putting their heads together for a team Inclusion Quiz! The group tested their knowledge and learnt a lot – including who the first LGBTQ+ character in a British TV soap was, as well as which new sports have made it to the most recent Paralympics. The overall quiz score was an impressive 8/12!

We’re always learning

Throughout the week, several free webinars were available to Inclusive Employers. We joined the sessions covering a variety of inclusion topics and a particular favourite was, “Empowering and Recognising Inclusion in your Organisation”. 

The talk gave us some perspective on how other organisations build a culture of inclusion in their workplace. There was plenty to take away from the session which has inspired us to take on new ideas. We were also pleased to discover some of the work practices we use here at Firefish - such as the Focus Groups - were suggested in the sessions. 

Inclusion Week Webinar

After a great Inclusion Week with lots of activity, we are delighted when it came to an end on a fantastic note: Our very own Fish, Tommy Nicito was confirmed as afinalist for the Diversity Hero Award for The Herald and GenAnalytics DiversityAwards 2021.

Tommy has shown an enormous amount of dedication to improving the inclusion culture here at Firefish. He has encouraged a lot of positive change within our company, and we are very proud of his efforts. And because we’re all about celebrating success here at Firefish, we shared the news on our social channels alongside our Diversity Video that Tommy championed as part of the #lovethefish FocusGroup.