June 2, 2021

Biggest Growth Wave in Firefish History!

More new faces join the Shoal

Back in 2020, we made a number of promotions across Firefish. We’re delighted to say that 2021 is showing no sign of slowing down – we’ve just made another round of promotions, created new roles internally and hired more Fish, in what is the biggest round of growth in the history of Firefish!

Here’s who these Fish are and what they’ll be doing...

Scott Sorbie – Customer Engagement Team Lead

In the three years that Scott has been with us, he’s sailed his way from Support Executive all the way to now Lead our award-winning Support team.

Scott’s hard work and dedication to supporting Firefish customers is unwavering. As we’re sure our customers would agree, there really is no better Fish to be running this team.

Vicky Young -Senior Customer Success Executive

Vicky has been with Firefish jus under a year, and in this short space of time she’s made a huge splash with our customers.

This round of promotions will see Vicky stepping up as a senior member of the team –we can’t wait to see what’s next in her Firefish journey.

Amy McLaughlin -Senior Customer Marketer

Since Amy joined the Marketing team two years ago, she’s become the master of all things social media and events.

Amy will be taking on a new double challenge of not only progressing into the senior role, but also taking on a brand new focus on the customer marketing side of the business.

Alec Harley – Functional Head of Build

Alec has been our Scrum Master for the past four years and is now taking an awesome step up to Head of Build.

Alec keeps our Beta Bunch in check, running our Agile development process and taking ownership of all things Beta development.  He ensures that work is prioritised and divided into sprint-sized chunks and monitors progress so that the product is kept crammed full of features that delight our clients!

Andrew Ferguson - Team Lead of Build – CRM & Integrations

Andrew has been part of the Firefish team for the past 3 years and really showed that he could step up throughout the pandemic which has earned himself a promotion from one of our Software Developer’s to Team Lead.

He will be leading the CRM & Integrations team within Build and will be using his skills to continue to help build and grow strategy along the way. 

Colin McKean -Senior Developer of Build - Web & Analytics

Colin joined the shoal four years ago as a CodeClan graduate and has been making waves in our Dev team ever since.

We’ve loved watching Colin’s journey within the business and we’re very excited to see the impact he’ll make now in his senior role.

Thomas Nicito - Functional Lead - Application Support


Tommy’s Firefish journey began when he relocated from Italy to Glasgow back in 2014.


He started out with us as a Software Developer and has now progressed to our first ever Functional Lead. As well as overseeing the App Support processes, Tommy handles all of our 3rd line investigations and oversees our weekly releases of any exciting new features to our clients.


As well as the promotions we have also had some restructuring in the business.

Co-Founder Andrew Mackay is now bringing the Design and Product Experience teams together as one function.

Scott Banner is moving into our Success Team as our new Senior Customer Success Executive, he will be joined by Alana Brooks as Customer Success Executive.

Another addition to our Customer Team is William Townsend who will be making the move as our Head of Data & Automation.

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