July 13, 2016

Future Gazing in Recruiter Magazine

At Firefish we go on and on about Predictive Recruitment. But with good reason.

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than it has ever been to track a candidate’s career journey. Recruiters can monitor and check in at key decision making moments, ensuring there’s an ongoing conversation between them and the candidate.

Our CEO, Wendy, is a firm believer in using Predictive Recruitment methodology. So much so, she’s been featured in an article in Recruiter Magazine.

Predicting the Future

Rainy day telescope.

Taking a long term view of a candidate’s working life means that a recruiter can predict the points at which they are most likely to make a career move.

If you determine two years after graduation to be the best time for a candidate to consider new opportunities then "…six months before this point is a good time to target them,’ Wendy says. ‘Send a regular nurturing programme of content and look at the analytics. Who’s opening it? Include video and use tools such as heatmaps to see how far they are going into the piece of video."

The key to success with Predictive Recruitment is a good relationship with a candidate. A recruiter should get to know them and determine where they like to hang out online. Wendy suggests this is integral to finding and placing a candidate in a new role.

"So if someone is on Twitter all the time, use that."

Pick the Right Technology 

But it’s important, too, for a recruiter to have the best tools at their disposal. Wendy advocates a forward thinking use of technology to make sure that each point of contact is optimised to reach the candidate at the right time:

“Communication can go dead at certain stages of the process and candidates can lose trust. We understand that a recruiter can’t call every candidate every day but they can provide tools that help a candidate to watch their status and see where they are in the process.”

From technology to relationship building, a future gazing recruiter can anticipate the right moment to reach out to a candidate to increase their chances of a successful placement. It’s all about being attentive and alert to the needs of candidates.

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